Thursday, September 10, 2009

Updates I Enjoy Hearing

The bunnies are all doing good, thankfully. They are continuing to fair well even through the storms we've had pretty much every day lately. The thunder can be incredibly loud and the lightning incredibly bright (almost like day light)!

Today I received an email from Suzanne in California who bought a sweet little lynx doe from us a few months ago. It was a great update, so I thought I would share ~

I had to drop you a note to let you know that our little lynx doe, Molly, has bonded with our other doe, Chloe. It took about three weeks, but it was all worth it, as now they are so attached to each other! It was wonderful to see how much Molly perked up once she had a friend to play with. She now gets alot more exercise and we see her run and jump often.

We are thrilled we brought Molly into our home, as she is sooo sweet and affectionate. (Just like you said!) She seems to be the favorite of both the kids and our guests. We adore her.

I totally enjoy receiving these kind of updates! It is what makes selling pets so nice, to receive updates on how well the bunnies are doing. Aren't they adorable together?! Thanks Suzanne & I'm so glad you guys are enjoying her.

Well, not much else going on with the bunnies. I am almost finished with the website makeover. Just have to finish transferring the Kit Color Guide over. Hopefully it'll be live next week!