Saturday, September 5, 2009

The End of A Great Buck

Last year a gorgeous blue buck came into our barn all the way from Washington. When he came, he had picked something up along the way, so I had to treat him with LA-200 for the first couple weeks. He seemed to get better. Better enough to be able to give us several very nice babies. But, a couple weeks ago I noticed his nose was very wet and he'd sneeze here and there with a little bit of snot. So, I quarantined him in spot where there was no hay at all. I was hoping this was just his allergy to hay. But, it wasn't and he only got worse as the week went by. I can't risk the health of my herd to keep him around.

This morning I had my brother do the deed of putting him down :(. I made sure I gave him lots of rubs last night and a special treat before I went to bed. Deckles helped many breeders herds in his 6 1/2 years . . . from Canada to Washington, back to Canada, back to Washington and finally out here to Oklahoma. I had hoped to just retire him with my other 4 retired bunnies.

Thankfully I do have two litters from him due the end of the month . . . and both does took for sure.

Bye-bye, sweet Deckles

Now, I've almost made myself cry writing this up :(.



Whitney said...

I am so sorry about Deckles, he was very handsome. Hopefully some of those upcoming litters will be filled with babies like him in type and spirit! Hugs!