Sunday, September 13, 2009

Around the Ranch

Today was an absolutely beautiful day. Cool (almost requiring a sweat-shirt). Cloudy. Calm. With a few 'bouts of sprinkles throughout the day. This weather is amazing!

So, I made my way down to the pond today and took some pictures. Here are a few of them ~

Everything is so green!

Well, there isn't much to report on the bunnies. Everyone is just molting their coats out . . . lovely. The 3 litters are due in about 10 days - Kristen, Tatianna & Daisy. Cages are *full* and I've gotta get some bunnies moved out!

I received a nice report from a youth breeder in Oregon the other day. I sold Kayla a brkn lilac jr. buck this past December and he's since become a great buck for her. Here's a bit of what she said,

Well, his name is Oakey, and he is doing great! He is honestly the sweetest rabbit I have ever bought! He runs up to the cage door, and sticks his head out when I open, so I will give him head rubs, or hold him. I'm so happy with this rabbit. He got Reserve Champion of his class. And judge couldn't get over his head, lol!

Enjoy the pics!