Thursday, September 24, 2009

Daisy . . .

The first litter was born today . . . Daisy's litter!

Before we left for town today, Daisy was starting to build a nest and all, so I really expected something from her when we got home. Sure enough, she had 6 nice babies in her box when we got home this evening! Definitely more than I was expecting, but that's fine by me ;). I haven't even looked at their colors yet. I know there's several brokens, but that's about it. I just added a bunch more fur (yeah, it's kind of cool out here) and let them be for the moment. I'll look at them more in a few . . .

Kristen is still holding out on me . . . she has SEVERAL babies in her, but she hasn't had them yet. It's only a day over, so I'll give her a couple more days. I expect her to have them tonight or tomorrow though. She probably has 3-4 in her is my guess, but she could have more.

Tatianna is not pregnant. Doesn't surprise me at all. I didn't really expect her to be prego, but I thought I felt something when I palp'd her, so I figured I'd better be safe than sorry. I put her box in, but then re-palp'd her today and she definitely has NO babies in there.

I've gotta get a couple more does bred, I just don't know WHO to breed or WHAT bucks to use!

Today I ran into a family who was out here at my barn a month or so ago - they had brought their friend up to get a show rabbit. Anyways, we got talking about getting an ARBA show sanctioned out here in our area. I think it would be great. Either getting the Tulsa RBA to do a show out here, or I am thinking it may be better to start a small local club and do shows out here. There are so few shows out here in the midwest, another show in this area would be awesome. So, hopefully we can get something going soon!!