Friday, September 11, 2009

Old Pictures

As I was updating/transferring over my kit color guide, I came across a couple of old pictures of some babies we've had over the years.

This baby was from a doe we had probably 6 years ago. This was before we really started breeding with good stock. We found this doe, Noni, off an ad in the Recycler or Pennysaver. She was just someone's pet and they were giving her away for free. Once we got good pedigreed stock, she was moved on out. But, she did give us some adorable babies, like this little guy ~

This little baby was out of a litter we had born about 3 years ago. She was out of Hoppin's Raspberry Truffle & JT's Amaretto. The whole litter was a very nice litter. This doe was named Hoppin's Cinnamon. We also kept her sister, Hoppin's Chocolate Rum. We just lost Chocolate this year due to wry neck. Cinnamon was sold a couple years ago. But, she was an incredibly adorable doe, as were all 3 of her siblings :)!