Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New pictures of almost everybunny

I took a bunch of new pictures of the bunnies today and put the new pictures up on the website. Almost everyone got new pictures, minus the few that are still blowing their coats! A lot of the buns hadn't had a new picture for about a year, so it was long over-due.

The juniors are all looking really good too, I'm so excited with how they are turning out! Very nice :).

I'm doing a big herd reduction, as I really need to make some more cage space in the barn and I just can't keep everyone I have in the barn right now. Just about all of my cages are full, so it's pretty crazy! There's several senior bucks & does and several juniors ----

Hoppin's Josh
Hoppin's Tennessee Mud
Hoppin's Tara
Hoppin's Clara
Hoppin's Daphnie
Hoppin's Chocolate Blush
Hoppin's Crystal
Hoppin's Lauren

There are several very nice buns available there!! Check it all out on the for sale page.

Oh, I'll share a few pictures of some of the bunnies that were taken today ~

Mud, in all his molting glory!
Cute Jake!
Brandy . . . looking good still at 3 years old and 5 litters later :)!