Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fall's Comin'

We woke up this morning at 4am to the sound of thunder, the flashes of lightning, and the light sprinkling of rain on the roof. A pretty routine occurence out here. But, of course the tarps were all up on the barn, so it's always a game of "should I put the tarps down or not?" "Will the buns get wet if I leave it open?" I decided the storm didn't sound too threatening, so we left the tarps up.

Come this morning when I actually got up, it was POURING rain and had been for a few hours. The sound of the rain hitting the metal roof didn't sound like it had too much wind with it, so I wasn't *too* concerned about the bunnies. Thankfully my mom had already put down the back tarps, since the rain was blowing in on the bunnies a little bit.

A few of the young juniors were a bit unnerved probably because of the loud rain on the roof and the intense thunder & lightning (it can get EXTREMELY loud). Thankfully I had just gotten some hay yesterday, so I gave all the buns a ton of hay. They seemed to throughly enjoy that and it gave them something to do since it was a lot cooler today (58 when I was feeding this morning at 10am). I also gave a few bunnies some tubes to cuddle in if they needed to.

It's supposed to stay stormy for few days, so hopefully all the buns will continue to handle it well. I think most of the bunnies have gotten used to the routine loud thunderstorms, but some of the youngsters haven't experienced too much of it. I'm always a bit nervous when I go out to the barn after a loud storm, since I've had two start to wry neck after a big storm since we moved out here. Thankfully everyone was fine this morning!

Kristen & Daisy were bred 10 & 11 days ago, so I went ahead and palpated them today - both took! Yay! Some Deckles babies again :). Speaking of palpating, I forgot to palpate Tatianna. I doubt she took, since Mud only "got" her once, but ya never know . . .