Monday, September 28, 2009

Baby Bunnies

Kristen kindled to 4 babies on Friday morning. When I first counted them, I only found two, which surprised me since I thought I felt 3 or 4 in her for sure. I went back out to the barn and sure enough there were 2 in the front of the box as well, not under the fur with the others . . . I had just missed 'em. She has 2 "pinks", a black and a lilac. I'm hoping at least one of the pinks will be a lilac pointed white . . .

Daisy's babies are a broken black, broken chocolate, broken blue, blue, lilac agouti and ? agouti. She has one baby that totally has me puzzled. I am thinking it may be a smoke pearl chinchilla though (genetically possible), so we'll see.

The rest of the bunnies are all doing great. Since Tatianna didn't take, I think I will do what my original plan was before breeding her again - put her up for sale. I really just need some cage space in the barn and want to make sure I'm keeping only those who I really need.

Because of that, I am considering selling Chocolate Blush. I will have to look over her again to be sure, but that's what I'm leaning towards. She is a very nice doe, I just don't know if I *need* her right now. I'm also going to decide between Megan & Lauren - Jenny's two jr. does - and see which one I should part with. Nick, the gold tip'd blue steel jr. buck I kept back from Sugar's litter, I am also considering parting with.

And, I'm even thinking of doing something I was not going to do . . . let Brandy go. BUT, she won't go very cheap if I let her go and she must go to the perfect home/rabbitry.

Here are a few pictures of the babies and random pictures of the bunnies ~

The first few pictures are my "?" baby:

Kristen's babies:
Daisy's babies:
Funny picture of Brandy with Riley in the background . . . waiting for me to come to his side!