Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Look!

The new design for the site is up! And, as you can see I changed the blog to correspond with the colors of the website. Have fun lookin' around and I hope ya'll like it!

All the rabbit care, lop color guide & kit color guide pages are finally switched over to my main site now too. Geocities is shutting down in the next month, so I was forced to finally get it all over here.

In the bunny news, I gave the 3 does due their boxes last night - Kristen, Tatianna & Daisy. I don't expect huge litters from any of them, but we'll see. Sometimes they throw more than they look like they have in 'em!

We had a T-storm last night, so I gave all the buns tons of hay before going to bed. When there's that much thunder & lightning, I'm always afraid someone is going to stress out. But, I think most of them have become accustomed to it now!!

I only have 8 babies left out of the 50 or so we had born the end of May-June. 3 of Kaylee's, 2 of Sarabeth's, 2 of Clara's & 1 of Tara's. Most of them are up on the for sale page also.

Still have 4 seniors available right now - Josh, Clara, Daphnie & Tara. Convention transport is available throughout the states!

Will update when the does have their babies . . .



Qadoshyah said...

Thanks for the comment Sunny Brook! I approved the comment, but I don't know where it went - oops. Maybe I'll just take comment moderation off, LOL!

I don't know why it would load slow, since it loads really good here (and we have a high speed internet too). The graphics aren't real big files. Hmm . . . I'll have to look into it!