Monday, August 31, 2009

Musical Cages

Today I moved a bunch of juniors around to various cages so I could take Tara's, Tatianna's & Sarabeth's babies from them. Moving all the juniors around and separating them, made it so that I only have 2 open holes right now. Hopefully some bunnies will go to new homes soon so I'll have some open cages.

Sarabeth was so cute after I took all her babies out of her cage. She was running laps in her cage, she seemed so excited to not have anymore babies, LOL! I ended up having to put 2 of her babies back with her since the does from Tara's & Sara's litters didn't want to be friendly to each other. Oh well, 2 babies are better than 6 ;).

The weather has been wonderful the past few days. It's a high of maybe 80 and into the low of 50's at night. Beautiful! It was really nice yesterday . . . we spent a few hours at the creek and it felt so good. It wasn't a very hot day, but nonetheless it was still very nice. Such a blessing to live out here :). I definitely don't miss the 100+ degree weather and all the forest fires California is experiencing right now.