Friday, May 2, 2008

Val's Special Colored Baby!

All the babies are super cute and doing great! Sugar's, Milky's, Mocha's & Amber's babies all have their boxes out and they are oh so cute right now :). I'll get individual pics of them all on Sunday, Lord willing. We got our new camera today and it works great. But, as of now, you get a cute picture of Sugar's lilac baby - just waiting for attention ;).

Well, I was out of town for a little over a day and boy, do the babies grow and change fast!

Val's "special" baby is for sure what I thought it was - a
chocolate pointed white. It's a solid too, unlike Kiss who is a broken pointed! Very exciting!! I am really looking forward to watching this baby grown. "It" will for sure be staying here!

~ Qadoshyah