Monday, May 12, 2008

Random Barn News

Today two rabbits started their trip up to their new homes in Washington. Cody, my chocolate sr. buck is going to Amy at Stormie Haven Mini Lops and BD6, a brkn chocolate chinchilla jr. doe is going to Coley at Minterbrook Rabbitry. Kathie Simmons took them back up to her barn and she will house them until she goes up to the Washington State Convention the middle of June '08.

Val's babies are looking awesome right now! The baby pictured to the left is one of the black pointed white bucks. He is my favorite of the black pointed whites right now. I am definitely considering keeping him, especially since he looks like he will have an awesome head/ear/crown . . . which is something that some of the pointeds need help with. Actually, all of Val's babies this time around are looking to have great heads/crowns . . . this little guy is just extra cute :)!

I'll be going through some of the litters later on this week . . . Milky's & Sugar's in particular. Early next week will be Mocha's & Amber's babies turn. I am heavily considering keeping one of Sugar's babies and letting Sugar go. She is an amazing brood doe who throws outstanding babies! I just would like to shirt more towards having only chocolates and lilacs and less blue based colors. Milky's broken chocolate doe is awfully cute too, but I don't plan to keep any of Milky's babies right now! I am also planning on letting Milky go after this litter. I think I homes for both Sugar & Milky already, but I won't know for sure until I make the decision to surely sell them both. Such a hard decision when these does are great mothers and give gorgeous babies . . . plus have a personality to boot!

That's all for the time being . . .

~ Qadoshyah