Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The babies are growing!

The babies are all doing very good. They are all getting very big and to the really cute and fun age - 3 weeks :).

I sexed some of the babies (Sugar's, Milky's & Mocha's) today. I do not remember what all the babies were (that's what you get for sexing 13 babies on one day!), but I have it written down in my barn. I will update with that info when possible ;).

Totsie's babies are all doing well. The baby we almost lost last Wednesday is doing great. It's the "wild child" of her litter - always getting out of the box. But, thankfully the weather has warmed up a lot, so the babies can all stay in the barn without fear of them dieing from the cold.

I think I have a special color in Val's litter, but I will not announce what it is until I am certain and I can get pictures :)!!

Our camera has stopped working, so I cannot get any pictures of any bunnies or babies. We have orderd a new camera and it should be here in just a few days. So, once the camera arrives ,there will be pictures galore, Lord willing!

~ Qadoshyah