Friday, May 16, 2008

Pictures of the babies . . . sorry I've been slow :(

I have gone through and typed Sugar's litter, Milky's litter, Mocha's litter & Amber's litter. I got pictures of all of them too. I have them resized and ready to be put on the site, but I ran out of time tonight - so hopefully I can get it done Sunday, Lord willing! Things have been busy here, so I haven't been able to get to work on the site.

I will have to retype some of the babies over the next few days, especially Mocha's & Amber's, since they are so young still - just turned 5 weeks old!

Out of Sugar's litter - I am keeping the lynx doe, the bk blue buck is reserved for Heidi, the lilac buck is sold to Jamie in AZ, and the opal doe is pet quality. She'd make a great pet!!

There are several of Milky's that look very good. I like the blue doe and also the black doe. The broken chocolate doe is very cute too. Oh, and the broken lilac doe - she is gorgeous - she is reserved for Heather.

The weather has warmed up, so I had to get the barn all ready for the hot weather. The misters are all set and working now, thankfully! It's pant-leg weather again :(.

~ Qadoshyah