Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More Pictures!

I got pictures of Amber's babies and Val's babies today. They are all so cute and fun at this age :).

I also sexed Totsie's babies. They are:

Broken Lynx - Buck
Lilac - Doe
Gold Tip'd Lilac Steel - ? *will have to retry in a couple days
Broken Chocolates - Buck & Doe
Silver Tip'd Chocolate Steel - Doe
Chocolate Sable Chin - Buck
Lilac Smoke Pearl - Doe

My litters this time around are pretty evenly split. . . not too buck heavy thankfully! A couple of the litters have more bucks than does - Mocha's & Amber's (oh, and of course Val's :P), but the other litters make up for it.

~ Qadoshyah