Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sugar's Babies

I tattooed Sugar's babies yesterday and went through them. They look great, particularly the two bucks (of course!).

The lilac buck is the nicest of the litter for sure. If I didn't already have a lilac buck, I'd keep him. The broken blue buck is also very nice - almost tied with the lilac buck.

The lynx doe is a nice little doe. The opal doe is pet quality - very pinched HQ's. She has a great personality though :)!

I am keeping the broken blue buck - he's deep & short. I didn't want to keep another buck at all, but since I am heavily leaning towards selling Sugar after this litter, I would like to keep something out of this cross and this blue buck is gorgeous.

The lilac buck is going to a new breeder in Arizona . . . he should be a great addition to help their rabbitry get started :).

I have pictures of the babies and will get them uploaded tomorrow, Lord willing. I'll go through and tattoo Milky's litter (& hopefully Mocha's litter) tomorrow and also get pictures by God's grace.

~ Qadoshyah