Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Introducing My New Juniors . . .

Here are three of my babies that I will be keeping from my current litters. There are a couple other babies I plan to keep also, but I am not sure about all that exactly yet . . .

Hoppin's Justin - he's the chocolate pointed white, which is why he is staying! So far he looks to be the nicest of the litter, but we will see in a few weeks.

Hoppin's Tatianna - she's the lilac smoke pearl doe from Totsie's litter (but being raised by Val ;)). She looks good so far and she should be a big help to our pointed whites, which is the reason I am keeping her.

Hoppin's Ruby Fizz - lynx doe from Sugar's litter. Sugar will be going to another breeder, since I figured it was time for her to move on. So, Ruby should be a nice replacement for her dam. I hope she turns out to be just as sweet and a good mother as Sugar. Ruby is nice and small too, unlike her dam ;).

The weather has cooled way down, so I will work on getting pics of Totsie's babies up on the site, since they are 5 weeks old now.

I got pictures of Val's babies up on the site today . . . you can see them here.

~ Qadoshyah