Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lancaster Show

Yesterday was the show in Lancaster. I was there for just a few hours in the morning. It was good. Several breeders I know were there, so it was nice to be able to see them before we move to Oklahoma at the end of August (Lord willing).

I picked up 3 does from Brandy for Heather. . . all 3 of whom originally came from my rabbitry. 2 of them left as young juniors and one left as a senior, Blueberry. One of the does is a sable named Daisy . . . she is Caramel's sister and looks almost exactly like her!

I registered Caramel and Brandy. Chocolate was just 2 ounces over the weight limit, so I couldn't register her :(. She gained lots of weight with her litter and it's taking her some time to loose it all!

ARBA Judge Jamie Green was the registrar for the show yesterday. After registering Caramel and Brandy, I had him look over Kristen. He really liked her and was very impressed with both her type and color - since you don't see that in mini lops normally. I'm really excited about Kristen, I think she has a chance on the show tables if I can ever get to show her. I wish I would've entered her in at least one show yesterday, but I didn't. I hope Val's current litter turns out like Kristen has. Kristen catches everyone's eye, especially with her extremely dark color points!!

Kim & Dallas were at the show. They own Hoppin's RyeRye . . . Brantini's broken chocolate brother. He looked great as a youngster and if he hadn't of gone to Kim & Dallas I would've kept him. RyeRye is looking great right now . . . developing nicely. He placed really well yesterday . . . in Open Show A he placed 4th and in Open Show B he placed 2nd - both classes were large classes too! Congrats Kim & Dallas!!

I will also hopefully be getting a doe from Chris soon here too :). More news on that to come at some point . . .

~ Qadoshyah