Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pictures are up . . . FINALLY!

Whew, I *finally* got pictures of the babies up on the site!! You can see them all here.

I will be looking over some of the babies again in a few days, Lord willing, to know for sure how they are turning out. Some of them are a little young still, so I can't tell completely how they are turning out.

I am keeping the lynx doe from Sugar's litter. I've named her Ruby Fizz.

I do have some show news too . . .

Junior's REW brother, Silence, who I sold to a new breeder in the area was shown for the first time yesterday. He took 1st of 4 ML's in the specialty. Unfortunately there weren't enough to get a leg, but hey he's doing pretty good :). Congrats Heather!

I also got an email from Amy up at Stormie Haven ML's in WA. She owns a solid lilac doe, Hoppin's Untamed Destiny, from Sugar's last litter at the end of December. Destiny is Rose's sister. Destiny took BOSV at her first show yesterday!! The judge loved her and said she was a perfect example of what a junior doe should look like :). Congrats Amy!

~ Qadoshyah