Friday, May 9, 2008

Bunny Happenings

I got pictures of Totsie's babies yesterday and got them up on the site earlier today. You can see them here. They sure are cute!

We lost Milky's solid chocolate baby today :( . . . it was a fader baby. Those babies just happen sometimes unfortunately and there's really nothing that can be done. I had suspected it may pass away earlier this week, which is why I did not put any pictures of it up on Milky's litter page.

I am going to the Lancaster show tomorrow. I am just going for a few hours in the morning and that is it. Not showing any buns this time. I've got to pick up some coop cups that I ordered through KW Cages, pick up some rabbits from a breeder for another breeder who's just getting into the ML's, and hopefully register 3 does (Brandy, Chocolate & Caramel). I'm hoping Brandy and Chocolate will be within the weight limit, but I won't know until I weigh them at the show, since our scale is broken unfortunately!

All the other buns are doing good though :)!

~ Qadoshyah