Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rose Dust & The Heat Has Come!

The heat has definitely come. It's been about 100 degrees (F) here for the past several days. Today probably won't be as hot, since it is only 91 degrees at 11:20am . . . if it was going to be 100 degrees, it'd be much warmer than 91 right now (normally). This summer is going to be long, especially if it stays this hot all the way through the end of August when we move to Oklahoma, Lord willing.

I will get pics of Totsie's & Val's babies over the next day or so. Due to the weather, I haven't done as much in the barn since the buns are trying to keep themselves cool and don't want anyone to mess with them (except for Daiquiri, who runs in circles in his cage when I go near him no matter what temp it is :)).

Since I've been feeding early in the morning since it's cool then, I've been able to do some stuff with the buns. I took Rose out and looked her over, since I was curious how she was looking, especially since her sister just won BOSV this past weekend in WA!

Well, to my surprise she is looking pretty good already! She still has to do some more growing, since she is still in the uglies, but she doesn't look half bad.

~ Qadoshyah