Thursday, September 26, 2013

Long Time No Blog!

Well, well, it's been awhile since I blogged. Oops. certainly hasn't been dull or boring, but I just keep not getting to blogging.

We've had several litters born this summer, all of which are now weaned and leaving to their new homes.

This is one of Lexus' beautiful girls. She looks so much like her mama and went to a fabulous youth show home! So excited for that :).

This is Lexus' gorgeous girl who I am keeping. Still gotta come up with a name for her.

Krissie had a litter of just 2 boys. Man, they are the chubbiest babies ever. So cute and squishable!

Millie had a lovely litter of very pretty babies. This is one of her boys, who is oh-so-cute.

This little girl is my keeper out of Millie's litter. Have to come up with a name for her, but she is gonna be one lovely doe!

The weather has been amazingly beautiful. We've had a few weeks of "HOT" summer days, but as of the last week or so, fall is finally here. And it's that not-quite-cold, but not-quite-hot type of weather that makes you put your sweatshirt on and off all day long :). Very ready for fall though! So, here are a few scenery shots that I've taken the last couple months.

Farm life is happening. Lots of baby birds everywhere. Goats coming into heat. Bucks in rut. Llamas running all over the ranch. New additions to the ranch: goats, a mini horse, a mini donkey and a mini calf. And all sorts of happiness. We're so very blessed.

Just one of the many "summer-time" spiders that come out in the garden or plant areas.

The barn kitties: Fluffy and Sunny are growing up and sure are fun cats!