Friday, February 29, 2008

Cutting Vents

I have needed more ventilation in my barn. We added two turbines to the roof and that helped a lot, but I still needed more vents.

So, finally we've started cutting vents in the side of the walls. We've got 6 cut so far, but when we're finished there will be 16 vents. It'll make a huge difference . . . I can already tell it'll make a difference.

The vents are about 15" wide by 12" tall. We are making doors to close over the vents, so that if the weather is really windy or cold, I can close all of them, or some of them.

Here's a couple pictures (unfinished):

~ Qadoshyah

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Updated site

I updated the site on Wednesday. I did a lot of updates!! Check out the site to see all that was updated :).

I added new pictures of our "revamped retired pen." I'll insert a couple pictures here. My retired girl who's in it right now, Jasmine, loves jumping up and down the ramp :).

~ Qadoshyah

Monday, February 25, 2008

Another baby sold...

Sugar's solid lilac doe is not available anymore. She will be going to Washington within the next couple weeks, Lord willing :).

~ Qadoshyah

Sunday, February 24, 2008

3/9 Tulare Show

We are able to go to the show in Tulare, CA on 3/9/08. We can bring any for sale bunnies to that show.

I am offering transport from Lancaster area to the Tulare show on 3/9. I am asking a $10 transport fee and you would most likely have to supply the carrier, since all my carriers will be full.
~ Qadoshyah

Jasmine .....

Jasmine is "on hold" and will be going to a wonderful pet home this coming weekend, Lord willing ;)!

~ Qadoshyah

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Some Bunnies aren't available anymore . . .

Since I updated the site yesterday, Hoppin's Cinnamon Fizz, Hoppin's Blue Gin, Chocolate's broken lilac buck, Chocolate's charlie lilac buck, and Milky's broken chocolate doe are all sold.

A few other babies, Sugar's solid opal buck & broken opal buck (the lighter patterned one), Dawn's solid black steel buck & broken steel buck, & Milky's charlie chocolate buck are also sold.

SSR's Chocolate Perfection & Gin's blue doe, and Chocolate's broken lilac doe are "on hold/reserved."

~ Qadoshyah

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Updated . . .new for sale buns, new juniors, baby pictures . . .

I updated the site today.

I have added a couple senior does and a senior buck to the for sale page. We currently have 4 senior does and 1 senior buck available! We also, of course have lots of nice upcoming juniors and babies!!

I also put individual pictures of all the 5 week old babies up. I made my picks yesterday, as to who I was going to keep.

The new juniors we have (the babies we've decided to keep out of our 5 wk old litters) are:

Hoppin's Brantini ~ Lilac Jr. Buck

Hoppin's Gin Fizz ~ Opal Doe

~ Qadoshyah

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Senior Buck For Sale

I have a senior buck for sale. I haven't had him up on the for sale page, but someone contacted me about him and I decided to sell him, but then they decided not to get him.

SSR's Chocolate Perfection ~ Click here for more information.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rose Dust

This is the little doe I'm keeping out of Sugar's litter. Here are a few updated pictures of her. She's 7 1/2 wks old now. I'm impressed with how she's looking. I expect her to be a DEEP doe once she matures ;)!!

Cleaning Time!

I spent most of today cleaning the barn . . . dumping trays, raking under the cages that don't have trays and doing some other cleaning around the barn. It's so much nicer!

I did a brief update to the site today, just updating
Dawn's babies page, saying which ones are not available anymore ;).

Here are a couple pictures from this afternoon:

~ Qadoshyah

Friday, February 15, 2008

Hello from Hoppin' Herd of Hares

Well, I've decided to start a blog for my rabbitry. I will be updating my site about once a week, but any other quick updates that I want put up during the week or info that I want to put up will be posted on here.

In the coming months, once the book which my mom and I are writing is completed, then I will post more information type stuff on here - with information on different topics that go along in the "rabbit business," but for now, it'll be for quick updates mainly.

~ Qadoshyah