Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's baby time!

I finally took some time to get individual pictures of Kayla's & Diamond's babies today. I was in the process of getting the pictures resized to put up on the site yesterday when some friends showed up. So, I didn't get finished with that....maybe tomorrow, we'll see.

But, for now, here's a sneak peak of some of the babies!

A few of Kayla's babies:

And a few of Diamond's babies:

This is a little DOE! Look at her head, she's only 3 weeks old. Adorable!

Fuzzy little baby :).

Takin' a peek over the table :).

This is the little doe I'm keeping out of Melinda's litter. Hoppin's Millie! She's a doll.

These bunnies down here came from a breeder who was selling out. She wanted to get rid of her last few, so she gave these two to me. Not that I really needed anymore, as my cages are FULL. But, they are here :).

The doe is a Rugen's doe. She's a bit out of condition right now.

And the buck. I think I judged this buck as a jr at the Cherokee County Fair last September. He's thin and out of condition as well, so we'll get some weight on him and decide from there.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Heat & Buns

The bunnies are doing great, even in this heat. I'm VERY thankful for the air conditioner, otherwise they'd be in trouble. It's been very hot for weeks now.

Here's a few pictures for fun, taken this morning.

Escalade is such a doll and SO sweet. My little sisters really enjoy holding him :).

Kayla's litter is getting big and needs their individual pictures taken .... soon, Lord willing! She has 4 does and 3 bucks.

Diamond's litter is also getting big. They are just barely 3 weeks old, but oh-so-adorable. They have monster heads and crowns....thanks to their daddy, Lam! She has 4 bucks and 3 does.

Abrielle is still looking pretty! Although her HQ's are looking a little funny right now, thanks to the awkward stage she's in :).

Just a funny picture of Allie...looking for food, since she's on a diet!

Beautiful Sunrise. She's a gorgeous doe, but so shy. This is her classic look of  "who are you outside of my cage?"

She stayed laying relaxed even though I came up to her cage...big improvements for her. She's a lot better than she was, but I don't think she'll ever get as sweet as Vixie, or even William.

And just a couple pictures to show how DRY it is out here. Yes, there's a little green here and there, but not too much. You see that brown tree? It's alive, just in hibernation because of the heat.

The little bit of green on the ground here is the revived grass from the rain we had a couple nights ago. But, with 104 temperature days again, it won't be green much longer, unless we get LOTS more rain. Hoping for rain.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

New BLOG Design now...along with some fun pictures

Well, since the website design was changed, I thought it was time to change up the blog as well. So, it kind of matches the site, with a slight variation :).

Also, just for fun, I will include some fun pictures from the barn.

Melinda's babies all lined up. They're all so adorable!

The 6 reds. The 3 in the back all shipped out to Vermont a week ago.

Since we shipped some rabbits out last week to Vermont in the summer, we made some modifications to the KW Cages Airline Approved Carrier. For one, we were shipping 4 jrs in a "3-hole" cage, so I had to add an extra divider anyways. I took out the plastic dividers and put wire dividers in. This would allow more airflow through the cage anyways. Delta (the airline I use) has a pet program in the summer that ensures the rabbits are in a climate controlled vehicle or building the entire time. And it also ensures they won't be loaded until right before the plane is to leave and will be unloaded right away as well. It worked pretty good and they arrived a little stressed, but safely. And are doing well now!

William, my silly red boy!

And peeking into Katrina's cage while she's napping :).


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Site Design, New Pictures, More Babies

It's been much too long since I put a blog post up, but it seems that's the way life is right now :).

Quite a bit has gone on here in the rabbits.

The biggest announcement is that the whole site has been completely redesigned. Our internet was out last week for a few days, so I took the time to finish up my new site design. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out :). There's just a few things I have to finish up on the site, but most of it is good to go. You can view it here.

And in that process, I took new pictures of just about everyone and put them up on the site.

Diamond's babies growing and getting big. She has several chestnut agoutis and a couple black chinchillas.

Unfortunately, her little charlie has no nose markings. It's the first charlie I've had born here that hasn't been showable, from what I can remember for probably about 7 years. My charlies always have a full butterfly. But, not with this little guy. Oh well, he sure is cute :)!

Kayla's babies are all doing really well too and getting big! I have to sex her babies and get pictures of them soon.

Melinda's babies are 5 1/2 weeks old now, so I just went through her litter to pose them all  up. You can see them here. They are a promising bunch of babies! I like all of them, although her little chin buck could use some improvement.

I'm keeping one of Melinda's two broken chestnut does. She's so adorable :)!

Also, there are several babies on the for sale page on the site, as we have a few left available out of our last batch of babies.

That's the quick updates for now...more later, Lord willng!