Saturday, May 31, 2008

Senior Doe for sale!

I added another senior doe to my sale list. She was "on hold" for someone but it fell through.

SSR's Amber - Chestnut Agouti Sr. Doe, 1 leg. See pics of her here. She's a gorgeous doe and a great mother! $40

~ Qadoshyah

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Updated Site!

I updated my site today . . . Juniors, Does, Bucks & the For Sale Page.

I put a few new buns up on the sale page also . . .go check it out!

~ Qadoshyah

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Updates . . . .

I've decided to keep Amber's black jr. doe, since she is looking so promising. She's such a rock solid doe, I think it's worth it to grow her out. So, here is Hoppin's Tara . . .

Also, several of the babies on the for sale page are "on hold" now . . . they are:

Bucks -
TD4 *Hold for Lizz*

Does -
MC4 *Hold for Lizz*
TD5 *Hold for Jeanette*
TD8 *Hold for Tina & Jessica*

That's all for now . . .

~ Qadoshyah

Monday, May 26, 2008

More babies added to the for sale page!

I added more babies to the for sale page. Several of Totsie's babies are up there. She has some nice stuff.

~ Qadoshyah

Sunday, May 25, 2008

For sale page updated

I updated the for sale page! We have several nice up and coming juniors!

I only got to tattooing 13 of the 27 babies I had to tattoo, so I didn't get all of the ones available up on the for sale page, but half of them are up at least.

~ Qadoshyah

Mocha's baby buck & more

I've decided to keep the chestnut buck that Mocha has in her litter. He is looking very nice right now. He's my favorite of the litter so far, with the black doe being right behind him! The black doe will be going to Michael at Silent Springs Rabbitry hopefully. Here's some pictures of the little chestnut buck. I am at a loss as to what to name him right now . . .any ideas?

I'll be getting the solid chocolate doe from the litter Michael has out of Truffle X Daquiri, Lord willing. She's looking pretty good!

The rest of the bunnies are all doing good. The weather has been nice and cool for the past several days, and thankfully all the buns are fine. I'm glad the strange weather hasn't bothered the buns too much, just a little watery eye here and there for a day or so, but other than that, it hasn't been anything.

I have to tattoo all the rest of my babies today. Our weeks have been very busy and I haven't gotten them tattooed at 4 weeks like I normally do. I can't stand tattooing babies that are older than 4 weeks old, but so be it! I will be going through several of the litters and hopefully getting pics as well, so I will put a list as to who is for sale up soon, by God's grace.

~ Qadoshyah

Friday, May 23, 2008

Totsie's babies

I finally got pictures of Totsie's babies this morning. They can all be seen here.

She has several very promising little babies in there!!

~ Qadoshyah

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Introducing My New Juniors . . .

Here are three of my babies that I will be keeping from my current litters. There are a couple other babies I plan to keep also, but I am not sure about all that exactly yet . . .

Hoppin's Justin - he's the chocolate pointed white, which is why he is staying! So far he looks to be the nicest of the litter, but we will see in a few weeks.

Hoppin's Tatianna - she's the lilac smoke pearl doe from Totsie's litter (but being raised by Val ;)). She looks good so far and she should be a big help to our pointed whites, which is the reason I am keeping her.

Hoppin's Ruby Fizz - lynx doe from Sugar's litter. Sugar will be going to another breeder, since I figured it was time for her to move on. So, Ruby should be a nice replacement for her dam. I hope she turns out to be just as sweet and a good mother as Sugar. Ruby is nice and small too, unlike her dam ;).

The weather has cooled way down, so I will work on getting pics of Totsie's babies up on the site, since they are 5 weeks old now.

I got pictures of Val's babies up on the site today . . . you can see them here.

~ Qadoshyah

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rose Dust & The Heat Has Come!

The heat has definitely come. It's been about 100 degrees (F) here for the past several days. Today probably won't be as hot, since it is only 91 degrees at 11:20am . . . if it was going to be 100 degrees, it'd be much warmer than 91 right now (normally). This summer is going to be long, especially if it stays this hot all the way through the end of August when we move to Oklahoma, Lord willing.

I will get pics of Totsie's & Val's babies over the next day or so. Due to the weather, I haven't done as much in the barn since the buns are trying to keep themselves cool and don't want anyone to mess with them (except for Daiquiri, who runs in circles in his cage when I go near him no matter what temp it is :)).

Since I've been feeding early in the morning since it's cool then, I've been able to do some stuff with the buns. I took Rose out and looked her over, since I was curious how she was looking, especially since her sister just won BOSV this past weekend in WA!

Well, to my surprise she is looking pretty good already! She still has to do some more growing, since she is still in the uglies, but she doesn't look half bad.

~ Qadoshyah

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pictures are up . . . FINALLY!

Whew, I *finally* got pictures of the babies up on the site!! You can see them all here.

I will be looking over some of the babies again in a few days, Lord willing, to know for sure how they are turning out. Some of them are a little young still, so I can't tell completely how they are turning out.

I am keeping the lynx doe from Sugar's litter. I've named her Ruby Fizz.

I do have some show news too . . .

Junior's REW brother, Silence, who I sold to a new breeder in the area was shown for the first time yesterday. He took 1st of 4 ML's in the specialty. Unfortunately there weren't enough to get a leg, but hey he's doing pretty good :). Congrats Heather!

I also got an email from Amy up at Stormie Haven ML's in WA. She owns a solid lilac doe, Hoppin's Untamed Destiny, from Sugar's last litter at the end of December. Destiny is Rose's sister. Destiny took BOSV at her first show yesterday!! The judge loved her and said she was a perfect example of what a junior doe should look like :). Congrats Amy!

~ Qadoshyah

Friday, May 16, 2008

Pictures of the babies . . . sorry I've been slow :(

I have gone through and typed Sugar's litter, Milky's litter, Mocha's litter & Amber's litter. I got pictures of all of them too. I have them resized and ready to be put on the site, but I ran out of time tonight - so hopefully I can get it done Sunday, Lord willing! Things have been busy here, so I haven't been able to get to work on the site.

I will have to retype some of the babies over the next few days, especially Mocha's & Amber's, since they are so young still - just turned 5 weeks old!

Out of Sugar's litter - I am keeping the lynx doe, the bk blue buck is reserved for Heidi, the lilac buck is sold to Jamie in AZ, and the opal doe is pet quality. She'd make a great pet!!

There are several of Milky's that look very good. I like the blue doe and also the black doe. The broken chocolate doe is very cute too. Oh, and the broken lilac doe - she is gorgeous - she is reserved for Heather.

The weather has warmed up, so I had to get the barn all ready for the hot weather. The misters are all set and working now, thankfully! It's pant-leg weather again :(.

~ Qadoshyah

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sugar's Babies

I tattooed Sugar's babies yesterday and went through them. They look great, particularly the two bucks (of course!).

The lilac buck is the nicest of the litter for sure. If I didn't already have a lilac buck, I'd keep him. The broken blue buck is also very nice - almost tied with the lilac buck.

The lynx doe is a nice little doe. The opal doe is pet quality - very pinched HQ's. She has a great personality though :)!

I am keeping the broken blue buck - he's deep & short. I didn't want to keep another buck at all, but since I am heavily leaning towards selling Sugar after this litter, I would like to keep something out of this cross and this blue buck is gorgeous.

The lilac buck is going to a new breeder in Arizona . . . he should be a great addition to help their rabbitry get started :).

I have pictures of the babies and will get them uploaded tomorrow, Lord willing. I'll go through and tattoo Milky's litter (& hopefully Mocha's litter) tomorrow and also get pictures by God's grace.

~ Qadoshyah

Monday, May 12, 2008

Random Barn News

Today two rabbits started their trip up to their new homes in Washington. Cody, my chocolate sr. buck is going to Amy at Stormie Haven Mini Lops and BD6, a brkn chocolate chinchilla jr. doe is going to Coley at Minterbrook Rabbitry. Kathie Simmons took them back up to her barn and she will house them until she goes up to the Washington State Convention the middle of June '08.

Val's babies are looking awesome right now! The baby pictured to the left is one of the black pointed white bucks. He is my favorite of the black pointed whites right now. I am definitely considering keeping him, especially since he looks like he will have an awesome head/ear/crown . . . which is something that some of the pointeds need help with. Actually, all of Val's babies this time around are looking to have great heads/crowns . . . this little guy is just extra cute :)!

I'll be going through some of the litters later on this week . . . Milky's & Sugar's in particular. Early next week will be Mocha's & Amber's babies turn. I am heavily considering keeping one of Sugar's babies and letting Sugar go. She is an amazing brood doe who throws outstanding babies! I just would like to shirt more towards having only chocolates and lilacs and less blue based colors. Milky's broken chocolate doe is awfully cute too, but I don't plan to keep any of Milky's babies right now! I am also planning on letting Milky go after this litter. I think I homes for both Sugar & Milky already, but I won't know for sure until I make the decision to surely sell them both. Such a hard decision when these does are great mothers and give gorgeous babies . . . plus have a personality to boot!

That's all for the time being . . .

~ Qadoshyah

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lancaster Show

Yesterday was the show in Lancaster. I was there for just a few hours in the morning. It was good. Several breeders I know were there, so it was nice to be able to see them before we move to Oklahoma at the end of August (Lord willing).

I picked up 3 does from Brandy for Heather. . . all 3 of whom originally came from my rabbitry. 2 of them left as young juniors and one left as a senior, Blueberry. One of the does is a sable named Daisy . . . she is Caramel's sister and looks almost exactly like her!

I registered Caramel and Brandy. Chocolate was just 2 ounces over the weight limit, so I couldn't register her :(. She gained lots of weight with her litter and it's taking her some time to loose it all!

ARBA Judge Jamie Green was the registrar for the show yesterday. After registering Caramel and Brandy, I had him look over Kristen. He really liked her and was very impressed with both her type and color - since you don't see that in mini lops normally. I'm really excited about Kristen, I think she has a chance on the show tables if I can ever get to show her. I wish I would've entered her in at least one show yesterday, but I didn't. I hope Val's current litter turns out like Kristen has. Kristen catches everyone's eye, especially with her extremely dark color points!!

Kim & Dallas were at the show. They own Hoppin's RyeRye . . . Brantini's broken chocolate brother. He looked great as a youngster and if he hadn't of gone to Kim & Dallas I would've kept him. RyeRye is looking great right now . . . developing nicely. He placed really well yesterday . . . in Open Show A he placed 4th and in Open Show B he placed 2nd - both classes were large classes too! Congrats Kim & Dallas!!

I will also hopefully be getting a doe from Chris soon here too :). More news on that to come at some point . . .

~ Qadoshyah

Friday, May 9, 2008

Bunny Happenings

I got pictures of Totsie's babies yesterday and got them up on the site earlier today. You can see them here. They sure are cute!

We lost Milky's solid chocolate baby today :( . . . it was a fader baby. Those babies just happen sometimes unfortunately and there's really nothing that can be done. I had suspected it may pass away earlier this week, which is why I did not put any pictures of it up on Milky's litter page.

I am going to the Lancaster show tomorrow. I am just going for a few hours in the morning and that is it. Not showing any buns this time. I've got to pick up some coop cups that I ordered through KW Cages, pick up some rabbits from a breeder for another breeder who's just getting into the ML's, and hopefully register 3 does (Brandy, Chocolate & Caramel). I'm hoping Brandy and Chocolate will be within the weight limit, but I won't know until I weigh them at the show, since our scale is broken unfortunately!

All the other buns are doing good though :)!

~ Qadoshyah

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More Pictures!

I got pictures of Amber's babies and Val's babies today. They are all so cute and fun at this age :).

I also sexed Totsie's babies. They are:

Broken Lynx - Buck
Lilac - Doe
Gold Tip'd Lilac Steel - ? *will have to retry in a couple days
Broken Chocolates - Buck & Doe
Silver Tip'd Chocolate Steel - Doe
Chocolate Sable Chin - Buck
Lilac Smoke Pearl - Doe

My litters this time around are pretty evenly split. . . not too buck heavy thankfully! A couple of the litters have more bucks than does - Mocha's & Amber's (oh, and of course Val's :P), but the other litters make up for it.

~ Qadoshyah

Monday, May 5, 2008

Updated Pictures!

I took pictures of 3 of my litters this evening and I also took pictures of some of my juniors.

I took pictures of Sugar's litter, Milky's litter, & Mocha's litter. They are all looking sooo cute :)! I'll get pictures of the other litters tomorrow, Lord willing.

All 5 of Val's babies are bucks! I was hoping for a doe or two in there, but so be it. I am hoping to keep the chocolate pointed white and the nicest of the black pointed whites.

~ Qadoshyah

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Striper is the "Bunny of the Month"

Over at the Rabbit Habbit forums they have a "contest" every month for "Bunny of the Month" - for the picture at the top/center of the forum.

Well, this month I submitted a picture of Striper in the poppies and he won :)! So, he is the "Bunny of the Month" for May '08.

This is the picture I submitted:
~ Qadoshyah

Friday, May 2, 2008

Val's Special Colored Baby!

All the babies are super cute and doing great! Sugar's, Milky's, Mocha's & Amber's babies all have their boxes out and they are oh so cute right now :). I'll get individual pics of them all on Sunday, Lord willing. We got our new camera today and it works great. But, as of now, you get a cute picture of Sugar's lilac baby - just waiting for attention ;).

Well, I was out of town for a little over a day and boy, do the babies grow and change fast!

Val's "special" baby is for sure what I thought it was - a
chocolate pointed white. It's a solid too, unlike Kiss who is a broken pointed! Very exciting!! I am really looking forward to watching this baby grown. "It" will for sure be staying here!

~ Qadoshyah