Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm still here.....with LOTS of babies :)!

We are still here and the bunnies are all doing FANTASTIC! The weather has been beautiful lately and so unseasonably warm. Praise the Lord!

As  you've probably noticed, blogging has taken the back-burner for a little while here. Life has been busy with just regular ranch & family life, political campaigning (for Ron Paul!) and website jobs. And of course the bunnies as well :).

We have lots of babies in the barn and I'm hoping to get some updated pictures soon by God's grace. We are keeping the lynx and brkn lilac chinchilla out of Kibbles litter. And Kibbles is due this weekend with another litter!

Krissie had a litter of 8 a little over a week ago. She has a huge variety of colors in her litter, which is so fun. Lots of chocolate colors too.

Millie had a litter of 3 on Saturday. 3 FAT babies. She's an awesome mama too. One of the babies is a little broken chocolate also...so fun!

Quadra's & Renee's litters are all ready to be weaned this week to start going to new homes. I need to go do a baby-count to see how many are already accounted for and who is available yet!

Abby's babies are doing good and are of course fat-little-tubs (since she only had 3!). It always seems the nicest of her litter ends up being the biggest one as well. There's no difference with this litter. She has a beautiful broken silver tip'd black steel doe. She's gorgeous. And yep, she'll be staying here!

I've got 5 does bred and due next month, and 4 more does to breed soon.

And guess what the biggest excitement of all is?!!! William, my red buck, FINALLY bred a doe the other day! He's a year old...so it's about time! Hopefully we'll have a litter from William next month and also a litter from Vixie, my red doe. Lord willing....I'm excited at the prospect!!

Well, there's a quick run down of the bunnies. Hopefully I can get some pictures of the babies tomorrow, Lord willing.