Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Already a month?

Wow, it's been a month since I posted on the blog. Time flies by! I have been keeping the FB page and website updated and I guess I forgot about the blog. Oops.

Both Erika's & Brioni's babies are 8 weeks old now. This is my keeper doe from Erika's litter, a cute little broken chestnut agouti.

Erika's broken chocolate chestnut doe was beautiful as well. All 3 of Erika's girls were gorgeous and her other two does (this doe below and the chestnut agouti) have already gone to their new home as future show girls and brood does.

Brioni's litter is very cute, but several of them are such pretty bucks. I'm keeping her chocolate chestnut doe below, who is adorable.

Since all my babies are 8 weeks old and many have left to their new homes, it was time to breed some does again. So, I have 3 litters due this week: Lexus, Millie & Scarlett. There are 4 more does bred also and then I have 2 does left to breed.

Here's just a couple pictures from weaning time. It was a chore separating out all the does and bucks and getting them all situated in some new cages, so that I wouldn't be confused as to who was who and so they wouldn't be too crowded. In the meantime though, they enjoyed running around the barn.

A couple of my keeper girls.

Here's a couple neat scenery pictures from the last few weeks.

A beautiful sunset on a bike ride with some friends.

The Super Moon that was so beautiful for several days!

And this morning we had a nice downpour of some rain - it was much needed. So, it made for a lovely, cool morning, which gave a good amount of time to get the barn cleaned. It's been such an unusually cool summer, thankfully!