Monday, August 31, 2009

Musical Cages

Today I moved a bunch of juniors around to various cages so I could take Tara's, Tatianna's & Sarabeth's babies from them. Moving all the juniors around and separating them, made it so that I only have 2 open holes right now. Hopefully some bunnies will go to new homes soon so I'll have some open cages.

Sarabeth was so cute after I took all her babies out of her cage. She was running laps in her cage, she seemed so excited to not have anymore babies, LOL! I ended up having to put 2 of her babies back with her since the does from Tara's & Sara's litters didn't want to be friendly to each other. Oh well, 2 babies are better than 6 ;).

The weather has been wonderful the past few days. It's a high of maybe 80 and into the low of 50's at night. Beautiful! It was really nice yesterday . . . we spent a few hours at the creek and it felt so good. It wasn't a very hot day, but nonetheless it was still very nice. Such a blessing to live out here :). I definitely don't miss the 100+ degree weather and all the forest fires California is experiencing right now.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Country Girl Designs!

Well, I didn't like the name for my web design business "Green Country Graphics & Web Design" - too boring & long. So, I decided to rename it Country Girl Designs. Much cuter and "fun" of a name :). I just finished redesigning the site today, so check it out here.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For sale page . . .

The for sale page is fully updated with pictures and info of everyone available right now. Be sure to check it out here!

I am hoping to get a new look to the site soon. This plain 'ole green is getting boring! Hopefully it'll be up soon!

Well, that's about it for now . . .


Monday, August 24, 2009

Going Through The Herd

This morning I spent some time thinking and looking over the buns. I think I figured out a good number and who I will be selling.

The total I came up with to keep is 21 bunnies, not counting babies and 3 retired bunnies. It's a much better number than I thought I'd come up with :).

7 Jr. Does = Lauren, Megan, Brianna, Britney, Amanda, Molly & Blush
4 Sr. Does = Daisy, Champagne, Tatianna, Kadence *with a "back-up" of a 5th doe - Brandy. She's supposed to be retired, but ya never know . . .
2 Jr. Bucks - Nick & Brad
2 Sr. Bucks - Brantini & Mud

2 Jr. Does = Crystal & Cori
3 Sr. Does = Sarabeth, Kaylee, Kristen
1 Jr. Buck = Kyle
2 Sr. Bucs = Justin & Jake

Other (used in both programs)
1 Sr. buck = Deckles

That puts 4 seniors up for sale:

Daphnie (just turned sr.)

I'll possibly be letting Kristen & Tatianna go after their litters. We'll see on that though.

That puts me just about where I want to be with the numbers in each color project. You know how many cages that leaves me to "play" with - 15! Plenty of growing space.

This also makes me consider adding in a smaller color project that I would limit to 5 holes max . . . . REDS. One of my favorite colors! I definitely have the cage space, so we'll see what the fall holds.

Hopefully I'll get pictures & prices of all the sale buns up tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Various Stuff

There are only 4 of my 10 & 12 week old babies left that I am not keeping. Hopefully they will go to a new home soon or we'll just cull them. Not something I *prefer* to do, but at times it is better for them to go in the stew pot instead of just eating feed when they are not anything special.

Out of the 8 week old litters I have: 1 baby for sale out of Tara, 5 babies for sale out of Sarabeth, and 4 of Clara's. Tatianna's two, one of Clara's & one of Tara's were all sold last week. I am hoping to get a bunch of pictures of the for sale babies up on the site tomorrow and get a nice list out for everyone. There are some nice ones in this bunch!

I've been thinking about letting several srs and jrs go, as I think it would be really good for the herd. It may free up some extra cage space for a possible new color project too. I'll have to go through the buns and see who I should sell to do this tomorrow hopefully. If you are interested in anybody, let me know . . . I just might decide to sell that particular one :)!

Two does were bred tonight - Kristen to Deckles and Tatianna to Mud. Deckles was very eager to breed tonight and "got" Kristen 3x. I am so hoping she has more than two babies this time around . . . and hopefully a lilac pointed. That would be so cool!

Mud on the other hand was slow. He is still young, so I'm not too surprised. It took his dad a little while to get real good at breeding. He only bred Tatianna once, so I'll try them again in the morning hopefully.

I want to breed a couple more does - Daisy, Champagne & maybe Clara. The choice of bucks I have old enough to breed right now is slim. For the chocolates it's basically Brantini & Mud. Mud isn't quite eager enough and Brant has been breeding everything this year. I could breed him to Daisy & Champagne, but they are both half siblings to him. It'll be nice when Brad & Nick get older, but they are just a couple months too young right now.

It's time for some new blood in the chocolates/lilacs, so I am hoping to bring in a buck and hopefully a doe from the Posey's this fall :). I haven't brought a new buck in since JT's Amaretto . . . almost 3 years ago! Wow, didn't realize it had been so long.

Since I have had some of my May litters around for awhile longer than I normally do, I ended up deciding to keep a couple that I had on the sale list. A gold tip'd blue steel buck from Sugar's litter - Nick - and a chestnut agouti doe from Jenny's litter - Megan. They both are very promising and definitely worth hanging onto for now. Nick has a great head/crown and balances out nicely - very short in the midsection.

I now have 5 to add to the Juniors page - Megan, Nick, Molly, Kyle & Crystal.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Riley's Debut!

Riley is a cute little buck that is just a pet. He had wry neck as a baby and it took a few weeks for him to get better, so he just ended up staying here. I then gave him to my cousin since she lost the bunny she had (who I had given her a few years ago) a few months ago. Riley is still living with me, but he'll hopefully be moving across the street once my cousin gets his cage finished.

Riley has the most adorable face and is such the looker! Because he had wry neck as a baby, his head never straightened back out completely, but I think it makes him even cuter.


Selling Buns

Finally some of my babies are starting to leave and go to their new homes :). 8 bunnies left between yesterday & today. Several of my older babies - the 10 & 12 wk olds and several of my 8 week olds. It doesn't leave me with any empty cages, but that's fine :).

I sold one of Tatianna's bucks to a little girl for showing. He should do so well for her, as he is incredibly promising!! I think he will be totally spoiled and she will like him a lot :). Enjoy him Christy!

Tatianna's other buck went to an awesome pet home on Sunday. I had 4 others go to great pet homes yesterday also.

Three left today with Jennifer. They are all so sweet and should get her a nice start in raising mini lops (she already has a jr. buck from us). Enjoy them Jennifer!

Several of the people I had come for pets yesterday responded off of some ads I've run. I'm always so leery of how the homes will be for the pets when I get responses off of, say craigslist. But, thankfully the rabbits have always gone to good homes, from everything I found out when they were here.

I'm down to "just" 19 babies left to sell. That's a lot compared to the 40+ I had originally. Time to breed a few does again . . . . but not quite as many as I did last time, haha! 9 does with litters all at once was a little much ;).


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Random Photos

Today was "fall cleaning" day in the barn. Not exactly what I was expecting to do, especially since having a hurt (probably broken - happened 2 wks ago) foot makes things not so easy to do! Anyways, my family helped me pull out all the cages, bunnies and feed and do a complete clean out of the barn. We sprayed the spiders and bugs too while all the buns were out - much better now!

It was a nice day today, and thankfully not too warm, so it worked out well. This summer has been so neat, especially compared to California's long & hot summers! We'll have a week or two of hot weather, then it'll be cool (in the 80's, maybe 90) for a couple weeks. It just continues to rotate like that. There are summer thunderstorms quite frequently too so that cools things down pretty well for a few days. Depending on how big the storm is it'll just sprinkle a little bit, or down-pour a couple inches of rain. Oklahoma weather is awesome!

Here's a couple random pictures of the bunnies chillin' after we moved them all back in the barn :

Molting Striper - doesn't he look funny! Time for another brush, I think :).

Stack 'o feed bags. Have I mentioned how much I like PenPals?! It is the most awesome feed *ever*. My bunnies do so incredibly well on it. Smooth. Great Condition. Beautiful Coats. Fat. Just All Around Wonderful! It makes it even better that I'm able to get it for a little over $9/bag. Of course if I could feed Templeton, I so would. But, PenPals is just as good as Templeton, so it does the trick.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A New Little Pup & Random Pictures

My sister raises Bullmastiffs and she's recently got a new puppy from Canada (he was given to her by a fellow breeder). He's so cute! So, here are a couple pictures of him:

My sister just started a blog, so you can see the Adventures of Canuck by clicking here.

The weather has cooled down, thanks to a nice summer storm that rolled in last night. I was able to turn the AC off and open the barn. Ahhh, fresh air! Here are a few pictures of my kittens & babies ~

How in the world Shelley got way up there, I don't know! A few minutes later she slipped and was hanging from the tarp, so I helped her down ;).

Hopefully pictures of Tara's & Clara's babies will be up soon!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

About time!

Pictures of 3 of my 6 week old litters are up finally. I hope to get pictures of Clara's & Tara's babies tomorrow, Lord willing. Below are a few of my favorite pics of these 3 litters:

Sarabeth's little shrimp . . . he's being raised by Tatianna and is almost caught up in size with the rest of the babies ~
The sable buck of Sarabeth's that I've decided to keep - Hoppin's Kyle. He is just rock solid and incredibly promising!

The little REW doe of Sara's that I'm keeping - Hoppin's Crystal. She is just gorgeous!

One of the little pointed bucks of Sara's ~

This little buck is another of Sara's - he's just so photogenic!

A little REW buck of Kaylee's ~And last, but not least are Tatianna's two boys. They are both adorable!

Today I was standing in the barn counting cages and figuring out how much cage space I have even with all the juniors I'm keeping. I was trying to decide how many babies I should (or can) keep out of my 6 week old litters. Didn't realize I would still have 7 empty holes even after keeping 3 babies from the 6 week olds. So, I'm keeping Sara's two babies above and also a chocolate doe from Tara's litter. I'm tossing around the idea of keeping a chocolate sable from Clara, but I haven't typed them yet, so we'll see . . .

Tara's 3 all turned out to be does and they are all rock solid does at that. All are VERY nice. I'm keeping the chocolate doe. The black doe is also very nice. The lilac doe is nice, but not quite as solid as her two sisters. Very consistent litter!

The for sale page is updated and I added a deal onto the herd reduction sale - buy 3 (for $15), get the 4th free. You can see the details of that on the for sale page.

Hopefully I will have more pictures to put up tomorrow!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Web desigining has picked up, so I have been busy with doing a few websites for some people. Presently I'm working on the Wagoner County Assessor's Office website . . . big site! Just finished an upholstery business website -

The bunnies are all doing great. I know I am late on putting up the 5 week old pictures of Sarabeth's, Clara's, Tatianna's, Kaylee's, and Tara's babies. They are 6 weeks old now. I got pictures of Sarabeth's, Tatianna's & Kaylee's yesterday. Last Thursday I broke my foot, so it's been rather hard trying to get pictures of the babies. Hopefully we can get the rest of the pictures in a day or two and then get them up on the site.

Speaking of babies . . . Sarabeth's babies are GORGEOUS!!! Her and Josh compliment each other so well. She has a sable buck that is just beautiful. Her pointed white doe is also very nice. She has a REW doe that is very pretty too. It's going to be a hard choice of who to keep, but I am quite sure I will keep the one outstanding buck. The other sable buck is also very nice, but the other one is just that much nicer.

Kaylee has several babies that look very promising as well. She has one pointed doe in particular that I really like. Her babies actually turned out much nicer than I thought they would.

Tatianna's babies are very cute and SOLID. Her little solid buck is very promising! Definitely considering keeping him, but hmmm . . . . I only have so much cage space.

We still have several bunnies ready to go right now. They are still $15 each.

Hopefully I can get pictures up soon.