Monday, December 27, 2010

Off Topic a lot, but Very Important

I normally don't post stuff like this, but this is an extremely important topic.

There is a treaty put out by the UN called the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The US is the only UN country that has not ratified the treaty, which is a very good thing. This treaty would strip parents of their rights to their child’s education, health care and general raising of their child. It would give the rights that parents have now and should have to the child and the government. But, ultimately, if the child doesn’t agree with what the government thinks is best, the government will decide what is best for the child. This is horrible for our nation and will turn our country towards socialism.

We don’t hear about this on the regular news stations much, because most of the people pushing the ratifying of this treaty know that the average American does not want this perverted child’s rights.

But, there is a way to stop this, if everyone takes a stand against it. And that is in the form of a Parental Rights Amendment to the US Constitution. 7 Senators and 142 Congressmen are co-sponsors of this amendment already. But, the word needs to be spread more. This amendment would make sure that parental rights are not striped, even if the CRC were to be ratified.

You can sign an online petition at You can also see which of your senators and congressmen are co-sponsors of the bill. You can read the CRC and the Parental Rights Amendment at the above site too. also has a video put together called “The Child” that goes into all the details, implications and problems the CRC would cause, as well as how the amendment would help. You can get the video for free or for a donation.  I’d suggest you watch the video and also get copies to pass out to anyone you know who could make a difference. The direct link for that is{58D0E1F1-4EA2-45BA-9B40-941D71ED987F}.

The fact that some want the CRC to be ratified needs to be known and it needs to be stopped. If American’s do nothing, then our country will become like Germany in Hitler’s days – socialist and communist – and Americans will lose their freedom even more. The parental rights amendment is extremely important!

Please pass on to everyone you can.

Here is a short trailer on "The Child" documentary.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baby & Bun Updates

The bunnies are all doing good. The weather has been pretty nice and mellow as far as temperatures go, so the buns have been doing good. It's a foggy 50 something degrees right now, but with very little breeze, so the weather is gorgeous today. The buns are enjoying all the fresh air with the shutters open.

Judging the show on Saturday morning went well. It was a pretty small show, most likely due to the holidays. But,  it was a lot of fun and got to teach some tips to a few of the kids there. Overall Grand Champion went to a New Zealand doe who took 2nd in youth NZ at Convention. She was beautiful! Overall Reserve Champion went to a black Mini Rex. She was very pretty as well.

There was one young girl there who had a "blue New Zealand." It was either a very poorly typed blue NZ or an American. It did not pose like or look like a NZ much at all. That's one thing that bugs me, seeing kids come up to show with their rabbit and it's a horrible example of the breed. You'd think people would sell at least a little better stock to help the kids get started. But, so be it.

I also got to see a broken New Zealand. It was a beautiful rabbit, but definitely interesting to see. It's fur was so different than a regular NZ, because of the broken Satin that was bred into the NZ's several generations ago. With this particular line, it was 14 generations back that the broken Satin was bred into the NZ.

Krissie's babies are 6 1/2 wks old. You can see new pictures of them here.

Brianna's babies are almost 6 wks old, so new individual pictures of them will be coming soon, Lord willing. But, for now, here's a group picture of them :) ~

 And I'll include a couple pictures of Hoppin's Melinda, a chestnut agouti jr. doe that I'm keeping back out of one of my recent litters. Can't wait to see how she develops, she's such a promising doe.

I am also keeping a chestnut agouti doe out of Kadence's litter. Her name is Hoppin's Prudence. And the broken chocolate doe that I'm keeping out of Krissie's litter is Hoppin's Allie.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Rabbitry Apron!

December 18th, I have a 4-county rabbit show to judge in the morning. I had bought an Apron to wear at the last show I judged, but I thought it would be better to have something that had my rabbitry name on it and all. So, after I got the call that I'd be judging a show the 18th, I decided to make up a design and order a custom apron.

It arrived today in the mail and it turned out GREAT! Colors printed good and it turned out awesome. I figured it'd be good advertising since I'll be at the show anyways wearing an apron :).

An up close version of the design:

If anyone would like a custom apron for their rabbitry, I can design it for just $10. The printing company I use is They are great and I've used them for a long time now :). The apron is about $14.00 printed through them, but you can just buy it yourself once I upload the design.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Goodbye Truffle

Vail's Truffle, 7 1/2 years old, passed away in my arms last night at 1:15am. She hadn't eaten much the last day, which wasn't uncommon for her. She liked to go in bouts of eating everything to just nibbling. But yesterday she didn't even eat any of her pellets. I picked her up and realized she seemed real unsteady and weak, which isn't like her.

I decided to treat her for a hairball (didn't think it was that though) and give her some nutridrops. The stuff I was syringe feeding to her just would come right back out and she could hardly chew at all. I propped her up in her cage with hay for a few minutes and realized she was steadily getting weaker .... She went downhill fast in the 30 or so minutes that I had been in the barn.

I decided just to hold her, because she didn't have much time left. She died in my arms about 10 minutes later :(.

She'll be missed for sure.

Truffle was my foundation girl and I'll always be glad she came here. She had a happy life ... Especially being retired for the last 4 yrs.

She was the first good chocolate I brought into my barn and all of my chocolates go back to her...many generations ago. She came all the way from WA to CA at 9 months old. She was bred when I got her and had a very nice litter. That's where Striper came from...he's still living the good retired life in the barn at 6 1/2 years old.

I retired her 4 years ago, after she stopped being able to become pregnant. She made the long trek from CA to OK 2 years ago and was doing great up until just the last day.

Here are a few pictures of Truffle.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Updates, updates!

It's an absolutely beautiful winter day here today, praise the Lord. The weather is just about perfect. I was able to get the wood on the shutters of the barn stained today, which is something that needed to be done for awhile now.


Krissie's babies are up on the website now. They're almost 4 weeks old already and so chunky! You can view them here. Both of her babies are does.

Brianna's babies are getting really big too and they are almost 3 wks old. Here's her little sable steel baby, who is my favorite :)!

I also updated the website yesterday and added several rabbits to the for sale page. We have 7 babies available and ready to go right now (they're 8 wks old today) and also a few seniors available. You can see the for sale page here.

Also added pictures of the new doe I got from Convention (via transport from WA). She's bred and due the end of December. Here are a couple pictures of the pretty girl :)....EE's Silence of the Lambs. A registered blue doe with 1 leg.

Speaking of the end of December, I have transport available out to CA for $20/rabbit.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New litter pictures & updated site!

My oldest 3 litters are 6 wks old now, so they have new pictures up. They can be seen at:

Kaylee's litter
Kadence's litter
Jana's litter

I also got updated pictures of several seniors and juniors, which you can view here. There's just a few sr. bucks (just turned sr. bucks) and a couple of the jr. bucks that I need to get new pictures of. But, my camera battery died half way through the barn!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Picture Time!

Thought I'd just put a few pictures up from today.....

Krissie's babies ~

Brianna's babies ~

How many babies can fit around a bowl of oats, LOL! Kaylee's & Kadence's litters eating their morning oats.

The old man in the barn...Striper :). Still going good and so cute!

Shirley ~

A couple of Jana's babies ~

Kayla ~

Courtney being a goofball ~

She looks so similar to Val, my first pointed white in her face :). Body is about 5 steps up though!

And the good ole Kitty Boy who patrols around outside the bunny barn. He was my original barn cat back in California.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bun Update

Krissie had her litter last Saturday. She was full of babies, like I thought, but she only has 2 living.

Something went wrong with her labor. The first two were born live, but then she stopped having babies. After giving her several things and letting her run around and waiting, 12 hours later she had the rest. She had 7 DOA :(. Why all DOA? I have no idea what went wrong. The babies all looked fine and healthy, so don't know what happened. I'm just glad she has 2 live babies and that she's doing good.

Her two babies are a brkn black and a brkn chocolate:

Brianna is due in two days and she has a decent amount of babies in her too. My guess is 7, as that is what she normally has, but we shall see.

Courtney is bred to Kyle, her dad. Gotta palpate her in 2 days, and I'm so hoping she took. Kyle is at Convention right now waiting to go to his new home in TN.

7 rabbits left for Convention last Tuesday with Billy & Kristi....the rabbits are headed to Washington, Georgia and Tennessee. And, I'm getting one rabbit back from Convention....more to come on her when she arrives :)!

The 5 wk old litters are all doing great and looking so cute. I'll be typing them and taking more pictures of them all in a week, Lord willing.


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mini Lop Posing & Type

I decided to make a page up on my site on posing mini lops & evaluating body type. I've seen this done for other breeds, but there's not one out there for ML's, so it was time to do it.

Hope it's helpful for at least some! I'm going to work on doing this with ML babies next....hopefully can get some with my current round of babies.

The bunnies are all doing great.

Krissie's due the end of the week, so she'll be getting a box soon. The boxes all got taken out of the 3 1/2 wk old litter cages today. The babies are all so cute & bouncin' around :).


Saturday, October 30, 2010

3 wk old pictures!

The 3 litters are all 3 wks old this week, so new pictures of them are up now.

You can view all the pictures at....

Kadence's litter
Jana's litter
Kaylee's litter

Just a short post for today, since I've got company coming over shortly!

More later....

Monday, October 18, 2010

10 day old picture time!

The 3 litters are all about 10-11 days old now and they are all doing great. Kadence's litter is by far my favorite just because she has two GORGEOUS solid chocolate chestnut babies. I hope they'll be typey little babies (so I can keep one!), as that color is always SO pretty!

Without anything further, here are the pictures....

Kaylee's litter....see the two magpies?

One of the Magpies:

Jana's litter:

Jana's foster baby from Kadence:

Kaylee being a total goofball....I just had to include this picture :)!

Kadence's litter:

Kadence's little bk chestnut .... such a big head on this little guy!

One of her chocolate chestnuts:

The two together:

And the other chocolate chestnuts:

Such an adorable little baby!