Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Babies, Bunnies & Video!

Okay, well, life has been busy here. I just have not had much time to blog lately...between working on websites and campaigning for Ron Paul, and then just life, it's been busy.

Here are a few pictures of my litters. They are all getting SO big! Kibbles babies are doing great and I am a week overdue for getting their 3 week pictures up on the site. I have them all taken, they just aren't online yet! Quadra's & Renee's babies are all getting big too. And Abby had a nice litter of 3 last week!

Here are a few pictures of Kibbles babies:

I thought this was a funny picture! The cat wasn't too sure what this little thing was checking her out :) (she's good with the bunnies and doesn't bother them).

One of Quadra's babies!

Landon has been getting some exercise time in the x-pen, since he has gained a little too much weight!

I also wanted to share a music video which my sister put together (the song is written and sang by some friends). She did an amazing job!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Something Not Related to Rabbits....RON PAUL for President 2012!

I typically don't post stuff about politics on this blog, but because it's my blog, I can use it as a platform to share about pertinent issues from time to time :).

While politics don't necessarily have anything to do with raising rabbits, the laws our politicians make, and the president we have over our nation greatly affects what we can and cannot do with our daily lives.

With that being said, that is why I feel it is abundantly important to share this on here. I moved to Oklahoma from California because of one overriding issue: Freedom. There is so much more freedom in Oklahoma than California, simply because of the way the politicians make laws (or don't make laws) that hinders us or gives us more freedom.

That is vital to what America stands for, or what it used to stand for. Our freedoms are slowly being taken away. The federal government makes more and more laws which regulate what we can and cannot do. Some of the laws may be "good", but because they are laws which the government does not have the right to make under the Constitution, it slowly undermines personal liberty.

The 2012 election is an important election. Our current President, Barack Obama, is re-running for office. He has done so many things which have continued to destroy our constitution, strip freedoms from Americans and ruin our nation. We do. not. want. to see him in office for another 4 years. It's vital that the GOP bring a candidate against Obama who can defeat him and not just go into office and do more of the same things.

The only candidate running for office who is actually different than Obama and all the other GOP candidates is Texas Congressman Ron Paul. He has been saying the same thing for 30+ years. He is an OB/GYN who has delivered over 4,000 babies. He wants to Restore Freedom to America and he has a PLAN to do so.

Ron Paul wants to:
....restore Freedom to Americans!
....bring our troops home, so that they are not fighting wars which America cannot afford and that are not approved by the people (Congress)
....cut $1 TRILLION dollars in the first year
....repeal ObamaCare
....follow the Constitution and return power to the States and the People. 
....abolish the IRS and Federal Reserve (get rid of taxes!)
....repeal Roe v. Wade
....cut the president's pay to just under $40,000
....make a stronger military

Visit Ron Paul's 2012 - www.ronpaul2012.com - site for more specific information on the important issues. Ron Paul has a Plan to Restore Freedom to America and everyone needs to read it (click here). You can also visit some of these links to see more on why you should vote for Ron Paul:


Ron Paul receives double the amount of donations from active military than all other GOP candidates and Obama combined!!

Here are some videos which I would greatly encourage you to watch. The news media doesn't cover Paul as much as the rest of the candidates, but he is surging! He finished with a strong 3rd place finish in Iowa and a strong 2nd place win in New Hampshire. He is surging in the South Carolina polls right now and has the endorsement of SC Senator Tom Davis. He has the most organized campaign out of all the candidates and a large grassroots movement of people who want their freedom back and want change in big government America!

He is the only voice of hope for America. He will bring back the Constitution. He will restore liberty and freedom to Americans.

A lot of people have questions about Ron Paul's Foreign Policy. He has the strongest Foreign Policy out of all the candidates. People want to say that he is anti-Israel, when in fact, he is the strongest supporter of Israel.

This is an EXCELLENT video on why you should support Ron Paul, if you support our troops.

This video is from a speech Ron Paul gave and it shares his concerns about our current Foreign Policy, and explains his Foreign Policy well.

So, what can YOU do? Spread the word. Share this with people. Join the Ron Paul and Ron Paul Revolution facebook pages, as well as other pages.

Most of all, GET OUT AND VOTE!! 

Vote for Freedom!

Vote Ron Paul 2012!

I will close with a great song, The Light of Revolution, put together by Jordan Page, a Ron Paul supporter. He mentions all the issues very well in this song.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Babies Everywhere!

There are about 40 babies in the barn right now! I'm very thankful for that!!

Quadra just kindled to a litter of 8 big, fat, healthy babies this morning. She has 4 brokens and 4 solids - sired by Donovan (brkn chocolate chinchilla).

Renee kindled to a litter of 6 beautiful babies on the 10th. She has several solid agoutis, several solid selfs or steels and 1 sable chinchilla - sired by Jaxon (sable steel).

Abilene was also due the 12th and she was bred to Lam. But, on the 10th, I found 6 big, fat healthy looking babies all born dead in her box. She had made a nice nest and everything for her babies, I felt so bad for her. I'm very disappointed though because it was my last chance to have anything out of Lam. I think it had something to do with Lam though, as his litter before this one (born in Sept, I believe it was) was also born 2 days early by Krissie and all were dead. Praise the Lord anyways!

But, the rest of the babies and bunnies are doing good!

Kibbles babies are 2 weeks old now and I need to get some updated pictures. These pictures are from about a week ago or so.

She has 1 lynx, 1 brkn lilac chinchilla, 1 brkn chocolate chinchilla, 1 brkn chocolate, and 1 brkn chocolate chestnut. The solid lilac that you see at the top of the picture below passed away unexpectedly this morning (it must've been a fader).

Her 3 little chocolates :)

Her brkn lilac chinchilla. A total cutie.

The brkn chocolate.

I thought I would take a picture of Lam's 3 daughters that I kept from his litters that I had while he was with us.  From L to R (youngest to oldest): Golden Cadillac, Lexus and Millie. All 3 are gorgeous girls.

Here's a recent picture of Lexus. She's a rock-solid beautiful girl, don't ya think?!

And miss Goldie is a beauty also!

Here's a picture of Goldie and Escalade (my one buck out of Lam) next to each other. He's quite a character and it was hard to keep him still in this picture (next to a doe!). His head is still coming in and he's still filling out, but I think he will look just like his dad (except in a different color) when he's fully mature.

That's about all for now!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kibbles is a mama!

Kibbles is such a sweet girl and she just had her first litter of 6 on New Years Eve! She's one of those does who seems to thoroughly enjoy being a mama :).

She has 2 solid lilac colors, 1 brkn lilac color, and 3 solid chocolate colors. Time will tell whether any of them are chocolate/lilac agouti colors.

The little broken lilac baby! I am hoping this little baby will be a Lam Jr. Lam had to be put down on Dec. 30th. It was a very sad night and very disappointing to have to put him down. It's a complicated story, but he will be missed by many.

One of her little broken chocolates.

This is Escalade...the daddy to the litter. His hair is still growing back on his head (and he's in a head molt), that his neighbor decided to chew off! He's the only buck I have out of Lam and I am so thankful I have him. He looks and acts just like Lam, only in a different color. He does have some growing to do to finish filling out, especially in his head, but I have no doubt, he'll fill in.

Last spring I talked to a breeder who has been raising Mini Lops for 20+ years and she was telling me how she only feeds 18% PenPals feed. I think I mentioned this on my blog back when I switched to 18%. Because of what she told me - her does never slow down in production in the cold winter months, litter size stays good, etc - I switched to 18% back then. I wasn't too sure how my does would do on it, but now that the winter months have come, I am seeing the massive difference. This time last year I had 3 litters - a litter of 2 (that were almost weaned), a litter of 4 (that were almost weaned) and a litter of 6 (that was just born). And no other litters due anytime soon. It was quite depressing. This year I have 5 litters with a total of 28 babies. Plus, 3 litters due next week and 4 more litters due the end of the month. This makes it so that all my does are on litters or bred except for my youngest two does (who are just seniors, so will be bred soon).

It's very nice to have such a bountiful winter with so many babies!