Monday, May 31, 2010

Nicole's babies at 3 weeks

Pictures of Nicole's babies at 3 weeks old are up on the website now! You can view them here.

She has 5 bucks and 1 doe. Jana's babies are 1 buck, 2 does.

The AC in the barn took a dump (well, the cord did) on Saturday afternoon. And of course it happened on a holiday weekend, so nobody out here is open until tomorrow (Tuesday!). Thankfully the weather isn't *too* hot yet and the bunnies are all doing fine.

We did go take a swim in the Blue Hole swimming spot up at the creek yesterday. It felt so good, the water was about perfect! Summer is certainly coming, but at least it's not 100+ degrees yet with a broken AC :).


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lettuce Time!

Since we have so much lettuce from the garden, the buns have gotten a bit of a treat a couple times this week. They all really enjoyed the lettuce tonight. I basically never give my rabbits lettuce, so earlier in the week when I gave them lettuce for the first time, some didn't know what to do with it. But, tonight they devoured their 1 leaf of lettuce :). Only a couple buns got more than one leaf.

The barn all shut up for the AC

Sugar waiting for lettuce . . . so cute!

Jake munched his down FAST!

And I have to include a couple pictures of Nicole's cuties . . .


Jana's babies

I got pictures of Jana's babies this morning. They are so cute and chunky! And they look like they are all does :).

You can see the pictures here.

Also put pictures up of the two juniors I'm keeping out of my litters - Hoppin's Courtney & Hoppin's Diamond Fizz.

It looks like my tattoo pen has taken a dump - fun. It isn't holding ink at all. Well, I was able to tattoo 4 babies with just a bit of trouble, but then it totally quick working. So, I guess I have to get a new head for it and hope that'll fix it . . .

I'll leave you with a few pictures  . . .

Diamond Fizz ~

Courtney ~

And a couple of Jana's babies . . . aren't they cute?!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All On Hold

All the babies in the 7 week old litters are all on hold or sold. They will be leaving to their new homes within the next few days to a couple weeks.

We do have babies available in Nicole's, Britney's and Jana's litters. I'll be getting individual pictures of them in the next few days hopefully.

The warm weather is here and this day 3 of running the AC so far. Thankfully it cools down in the temperature at night very well, so I can have the barn all open at night. I just have to be up at about 8-8:30 to get it shut up before the temp gets too high.

Well, I think that's about it for now.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Going, Going, . . .

Well, the babies in my litters have been going pretty fast, I'm happy to say! 14 babies are on hold out of my oldest litters. I still have a very decent amount of very promising babies available. Several nice pointed white bucks and does.

This is what is still available out of my 6 week (almost 7 week old) litters:
1 chocolate buck available out of Molly's litter
1 broken ST black steel doe available out of Amanda's litter
1 chestnut agouti buck available out of Kadence's litter
3 pointed whites available out of Kaylee's litter
3 pointed whites available out of Cori's litter
all 3 available out of Megan's litter

At this point there are no babies available in Britney's litter (they are 4 1/2 weeks old). I am either keeping the babies or there is someone in line waiting for them.

Then there are 9 babies in between Jana's litter and Nicole's litter. Those babies are only a little over 2 weeks old, so I'm not even taking deposits or doing anything for those yet. But I have quite a waiting list! If you're interested in any baby from those litters, let me know.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Updated Baby Pictures

There are new pictures of all of my 6 week old litters and also of Britney's 3 week old litter on the babies page. Here are direct links:

Kaylee's litter
Cori's litter
Molly's litter
Megan's litter
Amanda's litter
Kadence's litter
Britney's litter

Here are a couple pictures of Nicole's & Jana's babies. Jana's babies are SO fat, because there's only 3 and she has loads of milk, haha!

Nicole's ~

Jana's ~

And a few individuals of Nicole's litter . . .

I must say this is one of my favorites in Nicole's litter. I'm a sucker for heavily patterned bunnies!

Alright, that's all for now . . .


Friday, May 14, 2010

Not too much . . .

There's really not too much going on with the bunnies at the moment, but thought I'd give an update of whatever I can :).

Nicole lost a total of 3 of her litter of 9. Really didn't surprise me, since she had 3 really tiny babies. But, the other 6 are all doing great. They are fat tubs!! Jana's babies are really fat too. I'll have to get pictures of them in the next couple days. They are all really cute!

Britney's babies look like miniature adults, they are so stinkin' cute! Their heads/crowns are HUGE and their ears are all fully lopped already. I'll be getting their individual pictures soon too . . . hopefully Sunday.

Thankfully I was able to get my tattoo pen fixed (at least for now), so I've started tattoo'ing all the babies. I just did Kaylee's 6 today, so I have . . . ummm . . . just 19 left to do. Hopefully I can get them finished on Sunday too. I've taken a sneak peek at a few of the babies body type and they are looking good.

The buns & everyone have survived the storms so far. Thankfully we were out of the path of the strongest part of the storm on Monday that caused 20+ tornados in southern & western Oklahoma. It's just been the spring time strong thunderstorms and rainstorms the last day up here ;). Makes for interesting times!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Nicole's babies!

Nicole kindled to 9 babies on Thursday. I lost two - they were very tiny and I figured I'd lose them. But, Nicole seems to have plenty of milk for the rest, so they should all be good. She's taking right after her mama, Daisy, who milks like a cow, haha!

Here are a few random pictures from the barn last week when I was in there just hanging out:

The silly cat!

Carissa running around in the pen!

Cute Scotch!

Krissi & Cameron meeting each other ;)

And the last three pictures here .  . . Britney's babies . . .

Lilac chinchilla ~

Silver tip'd lilac steel ~

And the broken lynx . . . kind of a geeky picture of the baby. Oh well, will work on a better pic.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finally! Pictures Are Up!

The pictures of all 6 three and four week old litters are up on the website. I'll leave a few pictures here, but the rest you can see at . . .

Kaylee's litter - 4 does (1 sable, 3 pointed white), 2 bucks (1 sable, 1 pointed white)
Cori's litter - 3 does (1 REW, 2 pointed whites), 1 buck (pointed white)
Molly's litter - 2 bucks (chocolates), 3 does (chocolates)
Megan's litter - 2 bucks (black & ST steel), 1 buck (GT steel)
Amanda's litter - all does
Kadence's litter - 2 does (1 chestnut, 1 bk chin), 2 bucks (1 chestnut, 1 bk chin)

Let me know if any baby interests you, as I have quite a waiting list at the moment!

Jana had 5 babies on the 3rd. She lost two, so she has 3 fat and healthy little babies :). Nicole is due today and I can't wait to see what she has - all chocolates!

Britney's babies colors are for sure: 1 broken lynx, 1 solid silver tip'd lilac steel and 1 solid lilac chinchilla. The silver tip'd lilac steels and lilac chins are such pretty colors! It's something about the silvery ticking and the soft lilac coloring that makes those colors just so beautiful! I'll work on pictures of her little 2 week old munchkins :).


Monday, May 3, 2010

Pictures Coming Soon . . .

Well, obviously the 3 week old pictures of my 6 litters aren't up on the website yet, otherwise ya would've heard about it :).

My grandparents have been here visiting for the last week and will be here for a few more days, so we've been busy with hanging out and visiting with them. Plus, my back went out last week, so the day I had hoped to get pictures of the babies (Thursday), was a wash.

I have 130+ pictures of all 6 litters and will work in getting them up on the website over the next couple days. There are 15 does and 9 bucks between all 6 three week old litters.

Jana is due tomorrow and Nicole is due in 3 days. I almost forgot they were due so soon. They've both made a nice nest in their box, so hopefully everything will go smooth.

Britney's babies are all looking good, even though they are a bit smaller than I'd like to see. I think they may catch up though pretty quickly. She has 1 solid lilac, 1 broken lynx and 1 solid lilac chinchilla (I think, although it might be a lynx).

So, for now, I'll leave you with a couple pictures of the babies . . . the sneak peek you get for my delay in getting the pictures up :).