Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Storms, Babies & Feed

The buns are all doing fantastic on the new feed. It's been just over a month since the switch. I was pretty nervous about the switch and how they would do on the feed, but so far they are doing WAY better.

I have 7 does out of 14 who palpate positive and are due the first week of May. This hasn't happened since last Summer. 5 of the other 7 does were all very eager to breed and I expect them to palpate positive in a few days, Lord willing. The other 2 does have to be bred this week still. Manna Pro 16% is doing the job so far.

Everyone's condition is doing great also. I always give feed a few months to really be able to tell if it is going to work with my herd. But, I'm extremely impressed so far.

The bunnies love playing with pine cones and it had been awhile since we picked up any. But, we have a tub full in the barn now.

It's been a very typical Oklahoma weather year so far. That means it goes from cloudy to warm and sunny to windy and cold, to raining, to sunny again - every week!

Last Wednesday we got hit with the hardest storm we've had for a couple years. It dumped buckets of rain and hail. There were a few tornadoes in the area, but thankfully everything is intact around here. Lots of flash flooding from the immense amount of water so quickly. The creek that runs through our property was flowing - something that hasn't happened for awhile. No more drought here in Northeastern Oklahoma, that's for sure! It's been a W-E-T year.

The creek was going fast and full during the night of the storm - took out one side of our property and half of the dam that was in front of that fence line (meant to protect the fence line).

This tree, which is on our property, got struck by lightning . Kind of hard to see in the picture, but the lightning wrapped all the way around the tree - starting at the very top.  It showed the marks on each side.

The babies are all weaned (8 wks old) and ready to go. Camaro (my little doe I kept out of Abrielle) and Keone (my buck I kept out of Malia) got weaned and separated from the rest of the babies who will be leaving to their homes soon. Here's a quick shot of Camaro enjoying some hay today that I gave her to munch on & cuddle in, since it's cold today.