Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's Goin' On In The Barn . . .

Okay, well, I've kind of been a slacker with keeping this blog up to date real well. I guess it's probably because there hasn't been too much to update on.

The buns are doing well. The weather is perfect. So, where to start . . .

Brandy, one of my retired does, was acting off last Saturday. Since she's a food & treat freak, it was very odd for her not to touch her pellets all day. So, I picked her up and checked her out. She was grunting at me when I would pet her, knocked her teeth together if I tried to flip her over on her back, and was sitting all hunched up. So unusual for Brandy who is normally friendly & easy going. After looking at her more, I saw some reddish-clear jelly like "stools." Nasty. First thing that came to mind was Mucoid Enteritis. How she would've gotten though I have no idea! Especially since she's an older doe and typically ME happens in babies/weaned litters.

So, anyways, I decided to treat her like she had ME, since I couldn't think of anything else that it would be. I had my cousin pick up some Neomycin Sulfate Oral solution. So, every few hours I give her a little bit of the Neomycin, several cc's of probiotics, several cc's of power punch (a Nutri-Cal like supplement since she isn't  eating much), and Corid. She's got all kinds of food in her cage - carrot, apple slices, oats, oatmeal, pellets, hay, etc. Just the last day or so she's started nibbling on some of the stuff in her cage, but definitely not her pellets yet. I think we're on the path to getting better, so hopefully she'll be her normal self sooner than later.

There are 4 does due in about a week. Today I did some musical cages and moved some of the does around to the bigger cages. Also weaned some of Brianna's litter (they're 7 wks old), that way her smallest baby may be able to take advantage of being the only one with her, so hopefully he'll catch up in size.

My cages are almost all full (only have 1 empty cage) and I have been this full in awhile. But, 19 bunnies (seniors & juniors) will be leaving over the next week to month. 7 will be going to NH next week. A couple will be going to some Oklahoma breeders next week. Another junior pair will be going to Missouri in a week and a half or so. Then, after that, some bunnies will be waiting for their rides to Convention.

There are two babies left available out of Brianna's litter - black chin buck and black chin doe. They are both very cute little babies!

Well, I think that's about it for now!