Thursday, August 6, 2009

About time!

Pictures of 3 of my 6 week old litters are up finally. I hope to get pictures of Clara's & Tara's babies tomorrow, Lord willing. Below are a few of my favorite pics of these 3 litters:

Sarabeth's little shrimp . . . he's being raised by Tatianna and is almost caught up in size with the rest of the babies ~
The sable buck of Sarabeth's that I've decided to keep - Hoppin's Kyle. He is just rock solid and incredibly promising!

The little REW doe of Sara's that I'm keeping - Hoppin's Crystal. She is just gorgeous!

One of the little pointed bucks of Sara's ~

This little buck is another of Sara's - he's just so photogenic!

A little REW buck of Kaylee's ~And last, but not least are Tatianna's two boys. They are both adorable!

Today I was standing in the barn counting cages and figuring out how much cage space I have even with all the juniors I'm keeping. I was trying to decide how many babies I should (or can) keep out of my 6 week old litters. Didn't realize I would still have 7 empty holes even after keeping 3 babies from the 6 week olds. So, I'm keeping Sara's two babies above and also a chocolate doe from Tara's litter. I'm tossing around the idea of keeping a chocolate sable from Clara, but I haven't typed them yet, so we'll see . . .

Tara's 3 all turned out to be does and they are all rock solid does at that. All are VERY nice. I'm keeping the chocolate doe. The black doe is also very nice. The lilac doe is nice, but not quite as solid as her two sisters. Very consistent litter!

The for sale page is updated and I added a deal onto the herd reduction sale - buy 3 (for $15), get the 4th free. You can see the details of that on the for sale page.

Hopefully I will have more pictures to put up tomorrow!



Sunny Brook Rabbitry said...

Sarabeth's babies look great! Love that REW!!!

- Cristina