Monday, August 24, 2009

Going Through The Herd

This morning I spent some time thinking and looking over the buns. I think I figured out a good number and who I will be selling.

The total I came up with to keep is 21 bunnies, not counting babies and 3 retired bunnies. It's a much better number than I thought I'd come up with :).

7 Jr. Does = Lauren, Megan, Brianna, Britney, Amanda, Molly & Blush
4 Sr. Does = Daisy, Champagne, Tatianna, Kadence *with a "back-up" of a 5th doe - Brandy. She's supposed to be retired, but ya never know . . .
2 Jr. Bucks - Nick & Brad
2 Sr. Bucks - Brantini & Mud

2 Jr. Does = Crystal & Cori
3 Sr. Does = Sarabeth, Kaylee, Kristen
1 Jr. Buck = Kyle
2 Sr. Bucs = Justin & Jake

Other (used in both programs)
1 Sr. buck = Deckles

That puts 4 seniors up for sale:

Daphnie (just turned sr.)

I'll possibly be letting Kristen & Tatianna go after their litters. We'll see on that though.

That puts me just about where I want to be with the numbers in each color project. You know how many cages that leaves me to "play" with - 15! Plenty of growing space.

This also makes me consider adding in a smaller color project that I would limit to 5 holes max . . . . REDS. One of my favorite colors! I definitely have the cage space, so we'll see what the fall holds.

Hopefully I'll get pictures & prices of all the sale buns up tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest!