Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A New Little Pup & Random Pictures

My sister raises Bullmastiffs and she's recently got a new puppy from Canada (he was given to her by a fellow breeder). He's so cute! So, here are a couple pictures of him:

My sister just started a blog, so you can see the Adventures of Canuck by clicking here.

The weather has cooled down, thanks to a nice summer storm that rolled in last night. I was able to turn the AC off and open the barn. Ahhh, fresh air! Here are a few pictures of my kittens & babies ~

How in the world Shelley got way up there, I don't know! A few minutes later she slipped and was hanging from the tarp, so I helped her down ;).

Hopefully pictures of Tara's & Clara's babies will be up soon!



LHHR said...

that is the CUTEST puppy EVER!