Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Selling Buns

Finally some of my babies are starting to leave and go to their new homes :). 8 bunnies left between yesterday & today. Several of my older babies - the 10 & 12 wk olds and several of my 8 week olds. It doesn't leave me with any empty cages, but that's fine :).

I sold one of Tatianna's bucks to a little girl for showing. He should do so well for her, as he is incredibly promising!! I think he will be totally spoiled and she will like him a lot :). Enjoy him Christy!

Tatianna's other buck went to an awesome pet home on Sunday. I had 4 others go to great pet homes yesterday also.

Three left today with Jennifer. They are all so sweet and should get her a nice start in raising mini lops (she already has a jr. buck from us). Enjoy them Jennifer!

Several of the people I had come for pets yesterday responded off of some ads I've run. I'm always so leery of how the homes will be for the pets when I get responses off of, say craigslist. But, thankfully the rabbits have always gone to good homes, from everything I found out when they were here.

I'm down to "just" 19 babies left to sell. That's a lot compared to the 40+ I had originally. Time to breed a few does again . . . . but not quite as many as I did last time, haha! 9 does with litters all at once was a little much ;).