Sunday, August 23, 2009

Various Stuff

There are only 4 of my 10 & 12 week old babies left that I am not keeping. Hopefully they will go to a new home soon or we'll just cull them. Not something I *prefer* to do, but at times it is better for them to go in the stew pot instead of just eating feed when they are not anything special.

Out of the 8 week old litters I have: 1 baby for sale out of Tara, 5 babies for sale out of Sarabeth, and 4 of Clara's. Tatianna's two, one of Clara's & one of Tara's were all sold last week. I am hoping to get a bunch of pictures of the for sale babies up on the site tomorrow and get a nice list out for everyone. There are some nice ones in this bunch!

I've been thinking about letting several srs and jrs go, as I think it would be really good for the herd. It may free up some extra cage space for a possible new color project too. I'll have to go through the buns and see who I should sell to do this tomorrow hopefully. If you are interested in anybody, let me know . . . I just might decide to sell that particular one :)!

Two does were bred tonight - Kristen to Deckles and Tatianna to Mud. Deckles was very eager to breed tonight and "got" Kristen 3x. I am so hoping she has more than two babies this time around . . . and hopefully a lilac pointed. That would be so cool!

Mud on the other hand was slow. He is still young, so I'm not too surprised. It took his dad a little while to get real good at breeding. He only bred Tatianna once, so I'll try them again in the morning hopefully.

I want to breed a couple more does - Daisy, Champagne & maybe Clara. The choice of bucks I have old enough to breed right now is slim. For the chocolates it's basically Brantini & Mud. Mud isn't quite eager enough and Brant has been breeding everything this year. I could breed him to Daisy & Champagne, but they are both half siblings to him. It'll be nice when Brad & Nick get older, but they are just a couple months too young right now.

It's time for some new blood in the chocolates/lilacs, so I am hoping to bring in a buck and hopefully a doe from the Posey's this fall :). I haven't brought a new buck in since JT's Amaretto . . . almost 3 years ago! Wow, didn't realize it had been so long.

Since I have had some of my May litters around for awhile longer than I normally do, I ended up deciding to keep a couple that I had on the sale list. A gold tip'd blue steel buck from Sugar's litter - Nick - and a chestnut agouti doe from Jenny's litter - Megan. They both are very promising and definitely worth hanging onto for now. Nick has a great head/crown and balances out nicely - very short in the midsection.

I now have 5 to add to the Juniors page - Megan, Nick, Molly, Kyle & Crystal.