Sunday, August 16, 2009

Random Photos

Today was "fall cleaning" day in the barn. Not exactly what I was expecting to do, especially since having a hurt (probably broken - happened 2 wks ago) foot makes things not so easy to do! Anyways, my family helped me pull out all the cages, bunnies and feed and do a complete clean out of the barn. We sprayed the spiders and bugs too while all the buns were out - much better now!

It was a nice day today, and thankfully not too warm, so it worked out well. This summer has been so neat, especially compared to California's long & hot summers! We'll have a week or two of hot weather, then it'll be cool (in the 80's, maybe 90) for a couple weeks. It just continues to rotate like that. There are summer thunderstorms quite frequently too so that cools things down pretty well for a few days. Depending on how big the storm is it'll just sprinkle a little bit, or down-pour a couple inches of rain. Oklahoma weather is awesome!

Here's a couple random pictures of the bunnies chillin' after we moved them all back in the barn :

Molting Striper - doesn't he look funny! Time for another brush, I think :).

Stack 'o feed bags. Have I mentioned how much I like PenPals?! It is the most awesome feed *ever*. My bunnies do so incredibly well on it. Smooth. Great Condition. Beautiful Coats. Fat. Just All Around Wonderful! It makes it even better that I'm able to get it for a little over $9/bag. Of course if I could feed Templeton, I so would. But, PenPals is just as good as Templeton, so it does the trick.