Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Web desigining has picked up, so I have been busy with doing a few websites for some people. Presently I'm working on the Wagoner County Assessor's Office website . . . big site! Just finished an upholstery business website - www.finishededge.com.

The bunnies are all doing great. I know I am late on putting up the 5 week old pictures of Sarabeth's, Clara's, Tatianna's, Kaylee's, and Tara's babies. They are 6 weeks old now. I got pictures of Sarabeth's, Tatianna's & Kaylee's yesterday. Last Thursday I broke my foot, so it's been rather hard trying to get pictures of the babies. Hopefully we can get the rest of the pictures in a day or two and then get them up on the site.

Speaking of babies . . . Sarabeth's babies are GORGEOUS!!! Her and Josh compliment each other so well. She has a sable buck that is just beautiful. Her pointed white doe is also very nice. She has a REW doe that is very pretty too. It's going to be a hard choice of who to keep, but I am quite sure I will keep the one outstanding buck. The other sable buck is also very nice, but the other one is just that much nicer.

Kaylee has several babies that look very promising as well. She has one pointed doe in particular that I really like. Her babies actually turned out much nicer than I thought they would.

Tatianna's babies are very cute and SOLID. Her little solid buck is very promising! Definitely considering keeping him, but hmmm . . . . I only have so much cage space.

We still have several bunnies ready to go right now. They are still $15 each.

Hopefully I can get pictures up soon.