Sunday, July 26, 2009

Babies Going Away

The babies and bunnies are slowly all leaving to their new homes. It's nice to be able to have them leaving finally :).

4 bunnies left for California & New Mexico on Friday - 2 babies, Jenny & Laci. I will miss Jenny, but Kate should enjoy her! Hopefully Jenny took when I bred her to Mud, and I'll get a baby back from that breeding.

One of Daisy's babies left today to it's new home - a fantastic pet home. He will be spoiled rotten! Enjoy him Amy :)!

4 more buns will be leaving tomorrow - 3 babies & Simin. These buns will all be going to Louisiana to a youth breeder who's getting started in mini lops. They should give him a great start.

That leaves us with no seniors ready to go right now and with about 10 babies that are ready to go still! Of course we still have all of Tara's, Kaylee's, Tat's, Sara's & Clara's babies, but I've got a few more weeks before they will be ready to leave.

Tara & Tatianna will both be for sale after their litters are weaned.

~ Qadoshyah