Friday, April 4, 2008

Juniors, Nesting Does & more

I moved my bred does to the "baby cages" (the big 30"x30" or 36"x30 cages) the other day. Sugar & Milky are due on the 7th, which is Monday, so they got their nestboxes yesterday. They both went to making their nests right away :)! Mocha & Amber will get their boxes tomorrow, Lord willing.

My REW buck, Silence is gone to his new home with Heather now. The ST black steel jr. doe I have will leave on Sunday for her new home with Heather also.

I took some pictures of my juniors the other day. I am very happy with how they are all turning out! They are turning out absolutely beautiful! Here's a few pictures of them:

Bradbury is my youngest junior, being 8 weeks old, but he looks great still.

Rose is my oldest junior. She is starting to go through the uglies pretty bad. Her head is coming in, so it looks kind of funny right now. Her body doesn't look too bad yet. . .

Heather is my next oldest junior. Her head is just awesome! She's in the uglies quite bad right now, but she still has the cutest head.

Fizz is 11 weeks old and she doesn't look too bad yet . . .

And, last but not least, Brantini. He looks awesome still!

I also updated the website today.