Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baby update

The babies are all doing great! I took a real good look at them all this morning and got some pictures, so I will put them up on the site sometime soon here, Lord willing.

Amber has a seal in her litter, I just realized yesterday. That means that Amber carries shaded :). I already knew Cody did.

Totsie has a chocolate sable, it appears. Very cool! She has a couple lilacs, but I am not totally sure of all the colors of her babies just yet. She does have 2 brkn chocolates and a solid chocolate for sure though :).

I fostered Totsie's biggest baby over to Val yesterday, since she only had 5 and could easily raise 6. So, Totsie just has 7 of her own now. Some of Totsie's babies are small, so I encourage Tots to nurse the babies more this morning, so I think they will all be fine. I had Tots nurse the two tiniest babies separately so they have nice full bellies, like the others now. Lord willing they'll all make it.

The first few days with the babies is always kind of touch-n-go, especially with the big litters. But, taking the biggest babies out of a litter and putting them with a smaller litter helps give the smaller babies a chance. Encouraging the doe to nurse the babies a little bit more than once a day helps sometimes too . . . it gives the babies a jump start and helps increase the doe's milk.

All my does get lots of oats to help with their milk supply the first few days in particular.

~ Qadoshyah