Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Bunnies & more

We had 5 new babies born late Friday night (at midnight!). Amber's the mother and she had 3 blues and 2 blacks. So odd that there are not any agoutis (like she is!), but that's the way genetics are sometimes.

Two bunnies went to their new homes today - the black jr. buck and the pointed white jr. buck. We only have 2 juniors available now!

Two bunnies that we sent to OR with Marla a month ago finally made it to WA yesterday!

The weather has been gorgeous here in S. CA for the past few days and the flowers are in full bloom. So, we took the x-pen down to the field below our house, set it up and took pics of a few of the bunnies. Here's pics of two of the buns we took down there - Chocolate & Striper :).

Chocolate ~

Striper ~
My favorite picture of all of them ~

~ Qadoshyah