Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Updated Sale Page & More

I updated the sale page last night. We have 5 juniors available right now and 1 senior buck. I took pictures of them all and put them all up on the site. The black jr. buck is *on hold* for Nancy and he will hopefully be going to his new home on Sunday, so that puts us down to 4 juniors available.

I have also decided that I am going to sell Alpine's Valorous, my pointed white doe (my foundation doe) after she has her litter and weans it. I am hoping she will have a pointed white doe in the litter that I can replace her with, Lord willing. I'll be selling Val for $75. She is well worth it! She's 2 years old and is pregnant with her 5th litter right now. She can be bred before shes leaves too.

Sugar & Milky are still holding out on me . . . they are one day over their due date, which I expect. I expect they'll have their babies tonight or tomorrow, Lord willing. Amber & Mocha both are due tomorrow. Mocha has made a nice nest in the box, but Amber has decided to make a "nest" outside of the box on the wire. So . . . we'll see how that goes :).

Val will get her nestbox tomorrow, Lord willing and Totsie will get her box a few days after that.

~ Qadoshyah