Thursday, April 24, 2008

Babies & Happenings

The babies are all doing good. A few days ago we lost 2 of Milky's blue babies, because they got out of the box and got too cold :(. So, since then we have been bringing the nestboxes into a warmer spot at night and taking them back out to their momma's in the morning. Yes, we've been bringing in 5 boxes a night - Fun :)!

We almost lost one of Totsie's babies last night. I got home late last night and went out to check on the buns and bring the boxes in. Well, one of Tots' babies had gotten out sometime earlier in the night/day and it was *very* cold . . . to the point where it was almost dead (it did stop breathing when I had it in my shirt). I put the baby in my shirt and ran inside. I tried putting the baby in a ziploc bag and then submerging it in warm water. That was a bit too complicated - I was afraid I was going to suffocate the baby. So, we put the baby in my mom's shirt, since she is such a warm body :), and that helped a lot. In the mean-time we warmed the heating pad up. I put the baby on the heating pad, created a tunnel and had the heating pad all around the baby. It took about 30 minutes or so, but the baby finally warmed up. It is now back with it's siblings and doing great still :)!

Sugar's babies are plenty big enough to stay out at night. Milky's, Amber's & Mocha's babies will be able to stay out in a day or two. Val's & Totsie's babies will have to be brought in for several more days, unless the temp at night really warms up!

The colors in Totsie's litter so far are: 1 silver tip'd chocolate steel, 1 chocolate sable chinchilla, 1 lilac smoke pearl, 1 gold tip'd lilac steel, 1 lilac, 2 broken chocolates, and 1 broken lynx. So, yes she has a plethora of colors!

Val has 3 or 4 pointeds in her litter :). Can't tell too much yet, besides some color on the tails.

I have had a ton of interest in my litters, so I really do not know how many babies I will have available. I will have to see what sexes the babies are and how their type is. I am planning on keeping a baby from Mocha's litter, Michael over at Silent Springs Rabbitry will be getting 1 of Mocha's babies. I am planning on keeping one or two babies from Val's litter (pointed whites), the lilac smoke pearl and maybe the chocolate sable chin from Totsie's litter. Other than that I am not planning on keeping others, but it will all depend on how the babies look.

I may keep something out of Sugar's litter, since I am considering selling Sugar & Milky, but I am not totally sure yet. Sugar gives me the most gorgeous babies, so I am not sure I want to sell her!

Cody is sold and he will be leaving to Washington for Amy at Stormie Haven Mini Lops in June, Lord willing.

The two broken chocolate juniors I have will be leaving today in just a few minutes, Lord willing, to a wonderful pet home :).

I think that's all for now.

~ Qadoshyah


Anonymous said...

Hey Qadoshyah-
This is Taylor, I bought SM1 from you a few months ago, remember?
I was just checking out your site to see if you had any new litters, and I wanted to let you know that SM1 is doing great! :] I named her Zoey, and I will be showing her at the county fair through 4H in a few weeks.
Anyway, good luck with moving to Oklahoma! And I like the blog.
:] Taylor