Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I took pictures and looked over all my juniors today (will post those pics tomorrow, Lord willing). They are all looking great. Some of them are starting to go through the uglies though, which is to be expected.

While I had Brantini out I noticed how long his ears are. They are so long, it's crazy. I'm pretty sure he will grow into his ears, since it looks like he'll have one massive head and crown, but he looks kind of awkward right now . . . especially when compared to Fizz, who is the same age (born same day) as him! Fizz's ears are short little things, LOL! Here's a couple pics of my Brant with the monster ears!

Fizz is on the left and Brantini is on the right:

No, I didn't try to get them looking the same direction, they just happened to do it and it was a great shot to see the difference in ear length!

One of Brant by himself:

~ Qadoshyah