Sunday, April 20, 2008

Surprise Colors!

Since Totsie was bred to Daiquiri, I was expecting only chocolates and maybe some lilacs, if Tots carried dilute. When Tots had her babies there were a couple babies that I wasn't too sure of on their color, which was odd, since chocolates and lilacs are always so easy to tell from birth. These babies were still chocolate and lilac based, but they weren't a chocolate or lilac.

I realized a few days ago that one of the babies is a chocolate sable chinchilla. Very interesting color!!

I realized yesterday that the other "off" baby that Tots has (this baby is actually being raised by Val) is a lilac smoke pearl! VERY COOL!

This is very exciting, since these colors, particularly the lilac smoke pearl will help with the chocolate and lilac pointed whites so much, Lord willing.

Here's some pictures:

Lilac smoke pearl ~

next to a lilac:
lilac smoke pearl on left and chocolate sable chinchilla on right:chocolate sable chin next to a chocolate:
~ Qadoshyah