Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Small baby update

The website is  updated. It was just a couple weeks outdated. I got all the baby pictures up, my juniors up (Krissie & Scotch) and added a doe to the for sale page. Yes, I have one senior doe available at the moment - Hoppin's Brandy Daisy.

Britney's babies are doing pretty good. They seem to have gotten the hang of nursing now. Her milk has taken a bit longer to come in really full . . . I think her babies being slowed kind of halted some things. But, their bellies were decently full this morning. Her babies are all lilacs - 1 broken, 2 solid.

I'm hoping to get pictures of the 3 week old litters tomorrow, if things work out. They are all so, so cute now! Their ears are all lopping really well. I must say Molly's chocolates are stunning - so dark! I think Cori has a chocolate pointed white too, so that is really exciting!

That's about it for the time being.

Have a great day!