Thursday, April 1, 2010

Babies Coming!!

The weather has warmed up so much and it feels so much like spring. The dogwood trees are blooming (they're always first) and everything's slowly starting to green-up. Winter seems to take forever to let hold of it's grip up here where we are. But, by the end of April things are looking pretty green.

I put new sides & bottoms (& some fronts & backs) on the nestboxes. Since they are wood, they only last so many litters before they have to be "freshened" up. Plus, since I had bought a whole sheet of plywood, I was able to make 3 new boxes. Now, I have a total of 8 boxes, which is nice. I rarely have 8 litters at a time, but it's nice to have that many on hand and ready to go.

Molly, Megan, Cori & Kaylee all got their boxes today. They are all very full of babies! Yay, praise the Lord! Several of the girls were busy making their nests tonight when I was out there. Can't wait to see what they all have. I'm super curious what Cori will have, since she's bred to Justin. Hoping maybe she'll have a lilac pointed white. That'd be so cool. Both Cori & Kaylee are so much like their mom, Kristen. Total grunters when they are preggers, haha.

I also got fencing up on two sides of the barn for added protection against critters. Now I can leave the shutters open at night and the buns should be quite protected. Wire sceen + fencing should be good barrier for any pesty critters ;).

Daisy's 2 babies are sold and went to their new homes tonight. I only have Brianna's 2 does left available now.

I'm hoping to get new pictures of everybunny soon. We'll see when that can happen ;).